Monday, Corey Feldman appeared on the Dr. Oz show where he was presented with a photo of a man who Dr. Oz said matched some of the previous statements Feldman had made about one of his abusers. Feldman confirmed he recognized the man at which point Dr. Oz named him: Alphy Hoffman, son of a leading casting director in Hollywood. Fox News reports:


Hoffman was the owner of an underage club that was popular among Hollywood’s top teen stars ─ including Drew Barrymore, Ricky Schroder and Alyssa Milano ─ from 1986 to 1989. The establishment was sponsored by New York Seltzer Company, and Corey Feldman and his pal Corey Haim were frequently photographed there…


“When you got an invite to go to Bobby Hoffman’s private party — this was a very big thing. And the fact that his son was coming to pick me up himself, was also a very big thing, and my mom ushered me into the car and said ‘go have fun’.”…


“One night I was over there and we were watching a movie and I passed out while I was watching the movie, and when I woke up there was a porn on again. And I was like ‘Man, I’m really tired.’… I remember I could barely walk. I don’t know what I was given at that time, but I know that I was really out of it. And we went to the bedroom, and I was kind of passing in and out of it, and then it was like he started doing the same things to me that Jon [Grissom] had done… I kind of woke up in the middle of it, and I freaked out… I kind of threw him off me and I ran home.”


Fox News notes that social media accounts belonging to Alphy Hoffman were deleted sometime in the past 24-hours after Feldman named him as one of his abusers. In an interview published by Vice in 2012, Feldman’s friend Corey Haim talked about Alphy Hoffman. Haim was not a fan:


What was your personal relationship like with Alphy? 

I don’t think he was a good person at all. I think he just got very lucky that he got us to go and do these parties. It became a big fad for a while. It just happened to be called Alphy’s Soda Pop Club. It was like going to Jerry’s Famous Deli. It was the same kind of thing. But as far as Alphy goes, well, I’m not going to say it now, because people do change. I went through my time, too. I lost complete respect for Alphy Hoffman. Alphy sucks! Point-fucking-blank.


Feldman told Dr. Oz that Alphy Hoffman was one of the people he had named when he took his story to the LAPD. However, as mentioned above, all of this happened in the late 1980s. So, as anticipated, the LAPD announced last week that it was closing the investigation because all of the incidents happened well-outside Calfornia’s 10-year statute of limitation for such crimes. From the LA Times:


A statement issued by the LAPD on Thursday said the occurrence Feldman reported was too old to be prosecuted.

“Los Angeles Police Department detectives are committed to protecting victims of sexual assault and will thoroughly investigate any report of a sex-related crime,” the statement said. “In the case of Corey Feldman, unfortunately, according to California law, the alleged occurrence is out of statute and robbery-homicide detectives have no other avenues to pursue this case.”


There isn’t going to be any justice for the men who abused Feldman and Haim. They may be ashamed to show their faces but they won’t ever go to jail. Here’s Feldman on the Dr. Oz show yesterday naming Alphy Hoffman: