I awoke to some very sad and disturbing news recently relating to the death of Dr. Roderick Meredith head of the Living Church Of God. Although I didn’t know the man personally I was aware of the work he had done over the years in relation to teaching and promoting the true doctrines of God and Christ.


I held a respect and admiration for his accomplishments and work. And although we didn’t see eye to eye on all doctrinal issues, we were in agreement about most. I always hoped to meet the man at some point and I’m sad unfortunately that will never happen now. I honestly wasn’t even aware he was deathly ill.


But Christians understand that death is only temporary and the righteous will be resurrected and reunited with family,friends and bretheren. Dr. Meredith is not gone forever but simply awaiting the resurrection to be rewarded for the extensive work he did for God.


His passing is even more impactful considering my response to a recent audio he made in regards to certain statements he made through a narrator. Although I was a bit taken aback by the fact he was speaking through a narrator.I only now realize he did that because he was too ill to speak himself.But I want it to be known that my statements were not meant as an attack against Dr. Meredith only as a response to set the record straight about some statements I feel were not fully supported by scripture.


But not necessarily a personal attack. Although I didn’t know him personally I am deeply saddened by his passing and I’m glad God used him to enlighten and educate so many individuals including myself about the true doctrines of  God and Christ.But this is not necessarily a time for somber attitudes, but instead for rejoicing, because he is one step closer to obtaining that eternal inheritance,rulership, power and glory in the kingdom of God we as Christians hope for. Rest In Peace Dr. Meredith and I know I will eventually finally meet you in the resurrection.