The liberal mainstream media it appears once again is using its platform to paint a false and disturbing picture of Christianity by broadcasting a story about mentally disturbed parents abuse of their children.


They’re quick to jump on and report about these kinds of stories which are rare and few in number, in comparison to the many stories of sexual abuse of children at the hands of homosexual deviants. But are quick to sweep those kinds of stories regarding widespread homosexual abuse and child sexual predatory behavior under the rug.And because of this kind of extreme biased reporting these liberal news organizations carry little to no credibility with me and I think I speak for many others as well.


Let me start off by emphasizing the actions of the parents against their children in this case is completely unbiblical and is something God frowns on and promises to punish when he judges this kind of unbiblical, and quite honestly (if true)very disturbing behavior..Matthew 18:6.The verse in Matthew is speaking from a physical and spiritual context. 


These are the types of stories and behaviors that are often broadcast by the liberal media to paint an inaccurate and distorted picture of true Christianity.The actions of these parents are obviously the actions of disturbed individuals, who are obviously unlearned and ignorant concerning scripture,if they thought for one instance God’s word condones this kind of disturbing, unbiblical behavior.


The bible instructs parent to love, nurture,protect and properly guide and direct their children in the way they should go.Not abuse them while using the bible and taking scripture completely out of context to execute and engage  behavior that’s completely unbiblical. The bible goes as far  as instructing parents not to even provoke their children to anger Ephesians 6:4 ….much less abuse them.


And although there are verses in the bible which encourage the use of the rod of correction,(not in an abusive and unloving manner) but only as a last resort and when all other forms of communication have failed to produce the correct and desired, beneficial and productive,behavior in the child.


Nowhere in scripture does the bible condone this kind of evil, abusive behavior, but quite the opposite. The bible instructs parents to love,comfort,raise and nurture children up in the fear and admonishing of the lord.


Not intentionally misinterpret and misrepresent scripture as a way to justify, evil, unbiblical behavior. I find it quite disturbing and deceptive that the reporter at the end of the story would emphasize that the parents teaching the children long passages of scripture somehow dictates that the bible and its teachings are to blame for this situation.


But the truth of the matter is when scripture is applied improperly and taken completely out of context by unlearned,deceived and disturbed individuals,with obviously evil and selfish intentions this is what happens. This is the real reason why this situation turned out as it did as opposed to the bibles teachings and it’s “proper application” to life’s situations ,which also include the proper,loving, biblical approach to child rearing.


But the liberal media’s deceptive spin on this story to paint a false and deceptive narrative about true Christianity is not surprising and is to be expected.The progressive/regressive, liberal agenda it promotes is naturally hostile toward God and everything he represents  and stands for.So this kind of false propagandizing media coverage about Christianity is to be expected. And unfortunately you can expect to see more of it.