Donald Bohanon …Saturday– July 30,2016



When you have a possible undercover homosexual/bisexual President leading America, and a Russian President who rightfully and justifiably rejects the promotion and legalization of that filthy perversion in his country, the suggestion that “tensions are sure to rise”is probably an understatement.


I am of the belief that President Obama’s sanctions against Russia are really not so much motivated by Russia’s desire to annex Crimea, but in reality are motivated by President Obama’s disdain for Vladimir Putin because of his stance regarding the promotion of homosexual marriage in his country.


Sanctions that are unjustifiably and inhumanely resulting in the suffering of a whole nation, because of one leaders misguided and unjustified personal feelings. The humane and moral thing to do would be to lift those sanctions immediately, and deal with the issue based on the facts and on its merit, as well as the desire of the citizens of Crimea.Not based on one leaders misguided views and personal feelings


And in reality the sanctions may very well be designed to force Russia to capitulate to the demands of  corrupt, perverse, world bank and government officials, who seek to maintain economic power and control of world currency and aggressively   promote a radical  form of sexual, social engineering worldwide.


But Russia’s unwillingness to comply as well as it’s desire and efforts to create an alternative  currency through the Brics Union is seen as a clear threat to corrupt and perverse World Bankers and everything they are trying to accomplish, both monetarily and morally. Which incidentally happen to be the two most corrupting and controlling factors in the Universe. Greed and Lust. 


After all, Russia is not doing anything that much different than America has done throughout history, in many of it’s military campaigns.In terms of protecting it’s interests,and drawing other nations into it’s sphere of influence,through military and covert actions,to increase it’s power and presence throughout the world,to insure it’s  operating from a position of strength,for purposes good or bad. America is guilty of the same.


I’m convinced President Obama’s position as it relates to sanctions and demonizing Russia, has very little to do with a perceived threat from Russia, but in reality is motivated by a personal dislike for  Putin.In addition to the sexually perverse, luciferian and Satan worshipping world bankers who control their puppet and equally as perverse Obama.Who also despise Putin for his non compliance, defiance and clever moves to offset their corrupt and evil control.


But let me emphasize this is not necessarily about a love and fascination with everything Russian, or with Communism,nor am I painting a picture of a perfect and sinless Vladimir Putin because he isn’t,and neither is President Obama, no man is,but just simply stating the facts and truth.


But I find it quite disturbing, puzzling and ridiculous, that some of the most perverted, and corrupt individuals in politics, many of which happen to make up a large segment of the Obama administration, and the Democratic Party, have the audacity to consistently point the finger at, and condemn Vladimir Putin.


When you understand how warped the minds of sexual deviants, and the hate and vitriol they have for anyone who disagrees with their way of life, you begin to understand the logic in President Putin’s argument.


For those who are given over to this kind of twisted perversion, there is no limit to the level of evil they can and will engage in Romans 1:26-32.God’s word is true and proven. Serious consideration needs to be given to what President Putin is saying.


He is making logical arguments and questioning why America continues to break treaties, and he has every right to question their motives when they do so, and vice versa. As well as emphasizing the point that military power is a nuclear deterrent that swings both ways. Especially considering this Presidents very unprofessional and personal dislike of Putin, because of the reasons outlined.


The American government,at this point, in many respects, is largely run by sexual deviants who seek to silence and destroy anyone who stands in the way of the promotion of a filthy, evil,  radical form of  sexual, social engineering,which includes perverting children, and which unfortunately is going to end  horribly for this nation.


I have argued the point for years that homosexuals,lesbians and bisexuals,are some of the most evil and diabolical individuals walking planet  earth, and God’s word, as well as  numerous incidents around the world of disturbing, twisted, evil homosexual/pedophile behavior,that goes largely unreported by the liberal, pro homosexual media, supports my position.


Homosexuals because they are shackled, led and governed, by their filthy, consuming lust,and overwhelming desire for perverse sexual gratification,which produces abominable evil as a result of a twisted, distorted, perception of reality,because of  demonic influence, are not fit to govern or lead, in any capacity, under any circumstances, whatsoever!


And I’m convinced President Obama may very well  fit into that narrative and if so can’t be trusted. I’m convinced President Obama’s hate for Vladimir Putin has very little to do with Ukrainian affairs, and has everything to do with President Putin’s rightful and  justifiable stance and position as it relates to homosexual marriage in his country.


It all makes sense when you understand,based on his unwavering support of the homosexual lifestyle and  community, and several reports and information offering compelling evidence that he may very well be an undercover homosexual/bisexual,we may very well have a homosexual/bisexual in the office of the President. And to be honest with you, If I had to choose, I would trust Vladimir Putin before I would ever trust President Obama, as it relates to actions that can and will have serious spiritual ramifications.


Much of the American public is blinded by the Obama persona, but I’m convinced he’s not the man he portrays himself as. And his stance on many of the social issues that are undermining the moral fabric of the nation will also ultimately prove disastrous for the country.



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