I’ve watched a few of Gayle King’s interviews.She’s a good interviewer and is always so smooth,calculating and patient in her questioning,when trying to get to the truth and get the interviewee to see the error of their ways and look at the issue from a different perspective.


Although I don’t necessarily agree with all of her views on specific issues,she is a good interviewer who has the ability to ask hard questions and address controversial subjects in a patient,smooth,calculating manner.The Governor,I get the feeling,is remorseful about his past ignorance and racial insensitivity.


But when you consider the pain,death, sorrow and suffering,racism has caused for the black community I’m not sure  a mere reprimand or slap on the wrist is sufficient in this case.To have the images posted on your facebook page makes you complicit in that suffering.But I will let the citizens,his constituents,and his peers determine what his fate should be.


I’m certainly a believer in second chances and so is God as he has forgiven me for my past transgressions.Especially if the person is genuinely remorseful and repentant(which means to stop engaging in and or practicing the evil behavior) about their past transgressions.So I’m not going to be a part of the rabid  movement calling for his head. I will just let the people of Virginia,his peers,and his constituents determine his fate.