She is going to need prayer.Such a tragic event that suddenly resulted in the loss of everyone that was significant in her life all at the same time can be absolutely crushing,debilitating, and hard to bounce back from.There’s going to be a lot of self blaming and self guilt involved.


Possibly blaming herself for allowing her children to board the boat.But she needs to understand she is not responsible but the company that didn’t provide the proper safety measures may very well be.


She needs to be watched and comforted.She also may need therapy and counseling.And she must be strong to continue moving forward to insure those who were responsible for her loss are held financially responsible.


She must keep going for her families sake to insure they didn’t die in vain.But what’s most important is she must understand she will see them again and be reunited with them.I pray God comforts her and gives her the strength,resolve and purpose,to bounce back and keep moving forward.