Here we go again Oregon and Arkansas both have struck down same sex marriage bans, opening the door for same sex marriage, bans voted into place buy the people of Oregon and Arkansas,once again the nation has dared to defy God and again given the green light to practicing and legalizing behavior that is extremely offensive to God, behavior that warps the spirit thereby perverting the mind of anyone man or woman who is immersed in the ungodly perversion. Behavior that is going to ultimately result in the spiritual and physical destruction of millions who practice, support and promote it. Many citizens of the nation and citizens of the state are equally as guilty as the practitioners of the lifestyle, because they openly support the behavior and rally behind it.



Once again you will know how offensive it is to God, fierce winds,rains and flooding so much so that the economies of the states of Oregon and Arkansas will be devastated, but loss of life will be minimal. Then you will know how offensive and repugnant the lifestyle is to almighty God and you will know that he is calling for the complete outlawing of the perversion throughout the nation and if not he will continue corrective punishment. Oregon and Arkansas have struck down same sex marriage bans paving the way for homosexual and lesbian marriage and  adoption, but it has not gone unnoticed and it will not go unpunished.