By Donald Bohanon  Tuesday June 14,2016



The recent killing of fifty homosexual patrons at a homosexual club has prompted the liberal mainstream media to suggest the killer may have been gay, and may have been trying to suppress his homosexual desires by slaughtering over fifty people.I find the promotion of that ridiculous theory sick and very dangerous.



This in my opinion is clearly another example of the homosexual community and the liberal media, trying to destroy all opposition to the lifestyle and movement, by suggesting that anyone who speaks out against the lifestyle or who engages in violent acts against the group is somehow gay themselves.


Mistaking love for an obvious act of hate, is really dangerous, and irrational thinking in my opinion. Is the American public now to believe that if the nation is attacked by terrorism in one form or another, or other acts of violence, this could in fact dictate that  our  aggressors actually love Americans? Because this is the same rationale


The liberal media and the homosexual community want the American public to believe that anyone who stands against the group,are in fact really supporters of the very thing they oppose? That is the most twisted and ridiculous reasoning in my opinion.


Falsely labeling and accusing the killer in an effort to further promote the homosexual agenda,will do nothing in preventing others who seek to engage in the same violent acts, but in reality may very well encourage the same violent behavior.


Although there are exceptions to every rule, and there are those who speak out against certain lifestyles while at the same time practicing those behaviors in some capacity.This situation to me appears to be another example of deceptive, homosexual propaganda, initiated in an effort to help further destroy opposition to the homosexual movement and agenda, while simultaneously promoting acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle from the broader public by garnering sympathy.


Reports are now surfacing, and from my understanding  suggest the shooter had  profiles on  homosexual websites, and may have frequented homosexual clubs. It appears the gay community is prematurely jumping to conclusions as to why the shooter would have actually frequented these kinds clubs.  


In their sexually perverted and  distorted  minds, and  warped perspectives, It’s always  in relation to perverted sex, or some kind of interest in the homosexual lifestyle.When the murder of over fifty individuals could actually suggest he was  casing the establishment and learning the layout, so he could successfully carry out his plan of killing  homosexuals. But the homosexual community because of their consuming,perverted lust, can’t see past the notion that he was there interested only in the homosexual sex, and the homosexual lifestyle.


From my understanding if you are man frequenting  straight clubs it’s normally to meet women,and to take them home. Not to mass murder over fifty women, only to later have others claim that you were really there trying to pick up women.I would think the same rationale would apply to homosexual clubs and the community. You don’t brutally murder someone you want to take home and have sex with.


The fact that the shooter allegedly now has  profiles on a gay sites when all of his information has been made public, suggest to me that anyone could have created  fake profiles in an effort to defame him, and further promote the false narrative that  anyone who kills homosexuals, or speaks out against homosexuality, is in fact homosexual themselves.


The American public for the most part is completely  ignorant to the fact that the homosexual community is very evil,diabolical and deceptive,and will go to any lengths to further promote acceptance of the lifestyle worldwide. Even if it means the promotion of deceptive,subversive, homosexual propaganda, by creating the false narrative that all opponents of the homosexual lifestyle, are in reality proponents, which is absolutely ridiculous and goes against rational thinking and sound judgment.


Basically suggesting that every individual who has ever had an opposing view point to an issue,subject or lifestyle, is in reality, at heart, a proponent and or supporter of the very things they oppose. Which in my opinion can be defined as a form insanity which is certainly cultivated, and perpetuated, by overwhelming sexual attraction, and perverted sexual desire, resulting in strong delusion. And is certainly a distorted mindset, that continued participation and engagement in the perverse  sexual behavior, certainly produces, a belief which is further confirmed and supported  by the word of God… Romans 1:26-32.  Homosexuals and the homosexual community simply can’t be trusted in any capacity.


But let’s say for instance the shooter was in fact an undercover homosexual,  I wouldn’t allow that to cloud the  existence of the real possibility the homosexual community could have orchestrated the whole scenario, in some capacity, to further promote the false narrative.


When you understand the homosexual community is powerfully led and influenced by Satan the devil, this scenario becomes much more plausible and possible, when you understand the mind of Satan, and how that very mindset is being broadcast through, and being used to influence, guide and direct, the homosexual collective.


A collective which includes, federal judges,members of congress, members of the senate, presidents, presidential candidates, members of the media, GMA News Hosts,MSNBC News Hosts, members of law enforcement,business owners,lawyers,singers,entertainers,rappers,radio hosts, talk show hosts, actors,teachers,professors,media magnates,etc.


All powerful and influential positions that are able to promote change and acceptance through brainwashing and indoctrination, by using the most deceptive and diabolical methods, using that same power and influence as tools. It can’t be ruled out, and is not beyond the realm of possibility, when you understand how evil, deceptive,manipulative and diabolical, the homosexual community is, as a result of Satanic influence…. Romans 1:26-32,  2 Timothy 3:1-4.


Their relentless determination to promote acceptance of  the lifestyle worldwide is in reality Satan’s relentless determination to insure billions are destroyed physically and spiritually for supporting,promoting, and practicing the behavior.Because Satan is the spirit force behind them, driving them to fight for worldwide acceptance of the lifestyle, to insure they’re destroyed by God when judged, for engaging in twisted, abominably evil behavior, that enslavement and participation in the filthy lifestyle produces….Romans 1:26-32.


With that being said let me emphasize that I don’t agree with, support or advocate, the murder of even one innocent individual.But the question is were these individuals innocent in God’s eyes? Because that’s the only thing that matters. And the only way to truly determine that, is to compare their behavior to what’s outlined in God’s word.


God sees things we can’t see, God sees in the heart and he knew the hearts and works of all these individuals. This act was terrible and disturbing in it’s scope and violence. But that still does not change the fact that this whole scenario may have been orchestrated, including the possible deceptive, perverse, sexual propagandizing of the shooter, to further acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle and promote the false narrative outlined, and at the very least will be used to advocate for the abolition of free speech,religious liberty, the right to bear arms, etc.


 And the second video  above appears to support the notion that the shooter was in fact casing the joint to learn the layout, so as to successfully carry out the attacks, as opposed to the false narrative  that’s being promoted by the media , that the shooter was visiting the establishment looking for homosexual sex, because he is homosexual himself.


How you associate love for the homosexual community, and an  interest in the homosexual lifestyle and homosexual sex, with the murder of fifty people, is the opposite of  and beyond sound reason and rationale as far as I’m concerned. But that twisted rationale is consistent with the warped mindset, and twisted, warped perception of reality, participation in the filthy behavior and lifestyle produces, which is outlined in God’s word…..Romans 1:26-32.


But the possibility of a shooter being  radicalized and angered, by the legalization of perverse sexual behaviors, that  are sure to negatively impact the nation and world, in more ways than one, certainly can’t be dismissed either. And may very well be more examples of the nation being cursed by the hand of God, because of the direction it’s taking, based on what its practicing, supporting and  promoting..