Although I don’t agree with all of Dr. Watkins views I am in agreement with his position about how certain individuals and their twisted views should not be financially supported or supported in any way.


In fact…I believe many other production companies should follow suit in terms of seriously evaluating the type of subject matter they put out.The type of very destructive information that’s disseminated by many of these individuals is in fact designed to further undermine and destroy the moral foundation of the black community.


As twisted as Lee Daniels mind and thought processes are he is just the tip of the ice berg in terms of how widespread this destructive mindset and approach to broadcasting is.And although Lee Daniels I believe has been specifically tasked to target the black community based on his concepts and programs.


Many of these programs are designed to undermine the moral foundation of the nation in general.That was a good move by Fox and other companies.But unfortunately I somehow doubt it was based on a change in direction to more family friendly programming and is instead more about economic profit and feasibility.