The Liberal Media as of late has been lambasting the President for everything from what they claim are deplorable conditions in illegal immigrant camps.To his most recent statement suggesting those who are unhappy with the conditions in those containment camps shouldn’t come to the country “illegally”.


And allegedly stating those who are here from other countries with even more serious social and societal issues than the U.S.,should go back to their own countries and fix their own problems and then show the U.S. how its done.


He was immediately attacked relentlessly by the liberal media and labeled everything from insensitive,barbaric,and even racist.But the liberal media lies so much,sensationalizes, hyperbolizes and propagandizes,every issue relating to this President that you can’t really trust that what they report about is the authentic truth.


The blunt and direct truth can be easily misconstrued and promoted as something else by the liberal media.I don’t believe the statements were necessarily racist in their intent,but were just the blunt truth delivered out of frustration with the relentless verbal attacks of many radical democrat/liberals and how they promote lawlessness and rail against lawful policies.And work  to demonize this President at every turn. 


And obviously because they came from President Donald Trump they were immediately labeled racist primarily as a way to demonize the President in hopes of negatively affecting public opinion,in hopes that negative public opinion will have an impact on the upcoming Presidential election.In hopes it will benefit Democratic Presidential Candidates.


Every negative report by the liberal media in regards to this President is designed to do just that.Destroy his credibility in hopes of winning the election.The bias and hatred for this President,the radical liberal left media exhibits,sticks out like a massively protruding bunion and is unmistakable.


The truth of the matter is many other politicians(democrats included)have made similar statements and have not been attacked by the media and liberal/democrats like this President has.


I am of the firm belief that the liberal media and democratic/liberal politicians don’t care one bit about the plight of illegals,and only view them as a means to end,to once again secure power.


This has nothing to do with a serious concern for illegals but it has everything to with allowing illegals to flood into the U.S. and allowing them to integrate into society to accomplish an agenda.


Allowing them to essentially become full U.S. citizens as it relates to the same rights many “legal” U.S. citizens enjoy.


Like the right to vote among other things.But the real focus will be allowing them to flood into the U.S. and granting them the right to vote so radical democrats/liberals can hopefully secure power again in the next presidential election.


And then promote the radical agenda of sexual freedom/promoting the practicing of widespread sexual perversions of all forms including pedophilia.Among many other twisted objectives.This is what it’s really about.Not to mention homosexual and lesbian deviants who are salivating at the opportunity to exploit the desperate situations of  these unfortunate illegal immigrants.


They don’t care at all about the plight of these illegals because if they did they would be willing to allow them to move into their own neighborhoods,homes and communities.Try suggesting that and see how it works out.


I certainly feel for the plight of many of these illegal immigrants but the U.S. is a nation of laws and rules and when those laws are broken in such a profound, impactful fashion,that can and will serve to undermine national stability.In that it stresses the economy and can also create and result in racial conflict among many other problems.And what reasonable rational person would think the U.S. has the wealth and capacity to house and feed the world?


The Bible says in the end times,the U.S, because of it’s abominable sins,would be cursed and suffer major civil unrest.Could this be a prelude to that?But is it any surprise that this is the goal of many perverse,wealthy, powerful radicals,who are working behind the scenes to accomplish just that?


To undermine and destroy the social and economic stability of  the nation? By promoting widespread immorality in the form homosexuality,pedophilia,lesbianism and transgenderism,massive illegal immigration,civil unrest,and working to undermine and destroy the economy through the promotion of radical liberal policies?Radical democrat/liberals are willing to go as far as promoting and supporting mass lawlessness to accomplish their ends.


That is really evil and disturbing.They are essentially promoting the very thing that can and will result in civil unrest and racial conflict.And is already resulting in civil unrest and racial conflict (massive illegal immigration) and then turn around and blame the President for inciting racial conflict because of statements he made that they have in my opinion (intentionally )taken out of context…..Amazing.


The Bible emphasizes those who contribute to and promote this kind of lawlessness would be held responsible for the death,sorrow and destruction it produces,and punished severely when they’re judged.


The female reporter in the video above went as far as implying the President is racist and seeking to start a race war  by implying he’s advocating for a them vs us mentality simply based on his statements in my opinion (intentionally)taken out of context.I feel his statements could have possibly been worded a little bit better.But the President isn’t the only person making statements like that.


A majority of U.S. citizens black,white,latino,brown and yellow,democrat and republican,have voiced those same sentiments in many respects.Only in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.And that is “if you don’t like the country then leave the country.”


But yet the liberal media and liberal/democrat politicians I’m convinced have intentionally blown them completely out of proportion and taken those statements out of context to intentionally demonize this President to accomplish their twisted ends.


While having no proof to substantiate those claims.If that type of negative,liberal propaganda is not dangerous and incites racial tension and violence,I don’t know what is or does.


They love to label others divisive but the way they report with the promotion of  mass illegal immigration/mass lawlessness and the biased way they go about it,is the very thing that incites riots,racial tension and division.


I’ve heard many people suggest the liberal media is Satan’s tool being used at this point to destroy and divide the nation and I honestly can’t dispute that.It’s quite clear this liberal media is solely focused on destroying the credibility of this President as a way to assist democrat/liberal politicians in once again securing power to further a diabolical,perverse and insane agenda.


This is obviously their goal and primary function.And inciting violence,division,hatred and racial tension to accomplish it,is not a concern of theirs.The end result is what’s most important to them.No matter how many lives it negatively impacts.


Don’t be fooled by public displays of sorrow and tear shedding by democrat/liberal politicians.As they hide behind the fake,phony veil, of self righteousness and morality.


I’m convinced it’s designed solely to garner sympathy and support for democrat/liberals and to incite bitterness, anger and resentment against the President, in hopes of negatively impacting his public opinion ratings.To insure they’re successful once again in securing power to further a radical,diabolical agenda.


This is the primary focus of the never ending liberal media propaganda machine and circus act.As opposed to an overwhelming and genuine concern for illegal immigrants and oppressed groups around the world.Corrupt, greedy,sexually perverse,diabolical politicians are the problem,and have always been the problem.And will never be the solution to what ails the country.


And the liberal media’s primary focus is working to put many of those same corrupt,greedy,sexually perverse,diabolical politicians back into positions of power once again.To the detriment of the nation.