The recent alleged Iranian attack against a U.S. Oil Tanker and most recently an attack on a U.S. Drone has strained relations between the two countries even more.And is a source of rising tensions.Iran denied they took part in the tanker attack but are taking responsibility for the drone attack.


According to reports the U.S. is contemplating some form of retaliatory action.But is the U.S. actually being goaded into war?And would it be advantageous for the U.S. faced with a looming presidential election to be involved in a full scale international conflict?


More importantly,would it be advantageous for the president to have his name associated with a conflict that could prove to be deadly for many Iranian Civilians and U.S. Servicemen in the midst of a presidential election?In my opinion this would be like a smorgasbord for liberal media propaganda.Promulgated and used to demonize the president even more in hopes of assisting democrats in securing the office of the president.


Which would also obviously benefit the Iranian regime with a democratic candidate in the office of the president.It appears to me like one country may be playing chess and the other checkers.Who really benefits from a U.S. Iranian international conflict?


I think that’s the question that needs to be asked and contemplated before acting on emotion,or at the urging of advisers who may,or may not be able to see the bigger picture.And the ultimate long term consequences for a political party and presidential candidate for acting prematurely and brashly.


When you  consider those actions could possibly result in the  transfer of power to a radical,fanatical party,with a radical,fanatical,perverse agenda.To the detriment of the nation.Allowing the Iranians to coax America into a war at such a critical juncture is not wise in my opinion.And I’m sure many others share that same sentiment.