I’m Going To Take Your Advice.

Because you keep relentlessly pushing the same message. You are either bat crap crazy and Satan is using you, or God is putting it in you to broadcast, is how I view it. But woman (a different woman) you have lied so often and low key indirectly falsely slandered me and others its hard to believe anything you say.

But that’s the goto plan for fake Christians and hypocrites, they lie on those who are truly striving daily to live in accordance with Gods ten commandments and word (without an ounce of proof to substantiate what they are saying ) as a way to try to falsely justify themselves and make themselves appear righteous in the eyes of ignorant onlookers.

Because they can’t prove their righteousness by their actions because they don’t live in accordance with Gods word and ten commandments so they lie on those who really do. Their hypocrisy and rebellion is evident to others by how they conduct themselves on a regular basis. But I’m going to very, very, reluctantly take your advice as it relates to this issue only (because you have lied on me and you may be lying on them also), and fall back a bit to see how things play out. And I think it would be wise for you to take heed to these verses in scripture Psalms 7:11-17, 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9.