By Donald Bohanon…. Wednesday August 17,2016



California authorities have arrested a man they are calling a serial arsonist, and who is alleged to be the source of  one of the most recent wildfires. But if I were the American public I would hold off on drawing any conclusions as  to the validity of these arsonist claims.


He is alleged to have been behind 17 fires but is this guy just being used as a fall guy to advance the liberal promoted theory that the wildfires are a result of human activity? And what proof do they have to support these allegations? I can assure you that neither man made climate change or arsonist are the reason behind so much aggressive fire activity.


For some time now I have been emphasizing that these destructive weather events which include flooding and wild fires would be happening and increasing in frequency and intensity. Pointing out the fact that the sins of the nation are what’s provoking and angry God to plague America with these national curses.


While also calling for the departure from specific behaviors, namely sexual perversions, that are provoking the great God to respond as he has. Unfortunately many in government both state and federal, and in the liberal media, are shackled by and engaging in these same offensive sexual practices.


So obviously the logical thing to do would be for them to try to discredit the accuracy and authenticity of the word of God, by claiming these wildfires are actually being started by man made activity, like arson, etc.While the liberal mainstream media promotes that same misleading narrative..


Their thinking is that this  obviously would go a long way in taking the focus off of what the real problem is, and that’s abominable national sins against God. And would put the focus back on the false  man made climate change theory and human activity being the primary causes.I wrote an article a few years ago which detailed how lightning strikes, in conjunction with extensive and intensive widespread drought, have been the real sources behind the wildfires.


I also emphasized that the media would eventually, at some point, begin to try and lay the blame else where, in an effort to try to discredit God, his word, and Bible prophecy. And obviously this is an example of that. Now of course the suspect may have been involved in a few fires, but to try and suggest he is the primary source, or arson in general is the primary source of all the wildfires, is absolutely ridiculous and misleading.


The primary reason for the fire activity is extensive and intensive drought, and strong winds which blow fire embers for miles. It’s important to God that you understand he is behind the aggressive fire activity because of your abominable national sins.


So I wouldn’t be surprised if lightning activity ramps up considerably, to insure blame is placed no where but on  the wrath and anger of God, because of the nations filthy abominations.And because of how the nation is also working to delve into even more offensive areas of perverse sexual behavior which only serves to magnify God’s wrath.


So expect lightning strikes to ramp up considerably,(but I’m not sure the liberal mainstream media will be so quick to report it) as God uses those strikes to convince and insure you that the aggressive fire activity is the result of his wrath. 




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