This video is a must-see!

We have no association or affiliation with Afterskool. And I’m not sure what the creator of these Afterskool videos supports and the rainbow emanating from the pyramid at the beginning of the video I’m not sure what that symbolizes.


But I think it may be representative of a prism. As opposed to some kind of support for the LGBTQ community. As is shown in the image below. That is actually light passing through a glass structure that resembles a pyramid with the rainbow light display coming out on the other side. That’s called a prism. 


 A prism


I felt it necessary to clarify that because I’m sure some perverse, deceptive, diabolical, and dubious, individuals will try to use the fact that a rainbow emanating from the pyramid structure at the beginning of the video is some kind of proof that I now support the LGBTQ community and agenda but nothing could be further from the truth.


But if the image at the beginning of the video is a support of the LGBTQ community and agenda I am obviously dead set against that and don’t support or promote it in any capacity. And condemn it in the strongest terms. 


With that being said TTPAS doesn’t agree with all the views expressed in these videos we just felt it necessary to share this video as it sheds some light on much of the propaganda that’s being promoted by the media and how it’s being used to advance a bigger agenda and specifically how that’s done.


Once again, we don’t support or agree with all their views, and if what they teach in other videos contradicts God’s word we completely reject it and don’t support or promote it at all. And if that is what they are promoting I would encourage you to reject and not support or promote it either.


I don’t know anything about the content of their other videos we are only sharing this video as it sheds some light on how totalitarianism is achieved. We follow and adhere to God’s commands and instructions and no man’s if it’s in conflict with God’s word.


And when we speak about destructive events as the Bible outlines them we are promoting the truth and not the fear of anything but God which is very healthy and beneficial as the Bible outlines because it produces righteous behavior which is always beneficial. -Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Proverbs 16:6, Isaiah 33:6. We just provided this video as a source of education. As a way to shed light on the liberal lefts propaganda machine that’s advancing a totalitarian and or authoritarian agenda.