Homosexual/Pedophile Arkansas Judge Resigns After Thousands Of Photo’s Of Nude Male Defendants Found On His Computer.

Cross County District Judge Joe Boeckmann.

An Arkansas judge resigns after thousands of nude photo’s of defendants were found on his computer. Although some in the homosexual community I’m sure  will try to  use this as an example to suggest that this was a judge who was homophobic, and sexually conflicted, the reports don’t appear to suggest that at all.
But appear to actually support the notion that this judge was simply a homosexual who was not trying to hide his sexuality at all, nor was he homophobic or conflicted about his sexuality, but rather embraced the homosexual lifestyle whole heartedly.
This in fact appears to be just one more of numerous other examples of homosexuals in positions of authority and power, using that same power, influence and authority, to exploit perverse sexual favors from poor, vulnerable, desperate individuals.This judge it’s being reported would offer defendants checks and in some cases reduced sentences for sexual favors.
 Make no mistake about it people, this is the same kind of unethical, illegal and immoral behavior, that will determine the decision making ability, the ability to properly govern and properly perform ethically,in their respective fields,of any individual who is shackled by this perverted lust, and desire for perverted sexual gratification,.


Because of how the desire for perverse sexual gratification will always take precedence over ethics,  those ethics which are based on and determined by ones morality and or lack of morality.
This is the point I have been making for years, that individuals who are shackled and given over to this kind of lust are not qualified to be in positions of influence, and leadership, because their perverted sexual desires will always interfere with their ability to properly perform their duties.Instead of making honest, ethical decisions and judgments, those decisions will instead be governed and determined by that individuals desire to satisfy their consuming lust.


This is about a consuming, overwhelming, perverted sexual addiction, that for these individuals takes and will always take precedence over morals,ethics,and sound judgment.And make no mistake about it, this kind of sickening and unethical behavior, is secretly happening all over the nation by individuals in key, powerful and influential positions, Dennis Hastert being another high profile example. But are these really the types of individuals you  want in key influential and powerful positions throughout the nation? You can read the article below.

Article By Tim Stelloh MSNBC
An Arkansas judge accused of swapping sex for reduced sentences resigned Monday after a state commission said it discovered thousands of photographs from his computer that depicted nude male defendants.
In a letter to the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission, Cross County District Judge Joseph Boeckmann said that his resignation was effective immediately, and that he would never again seek a job as a local, county or state employee.


“They all depict young men, many naked who are in various poses inside the judge’s home and outside in his yard,” the letter states, adding that many of the men had received checks from the judge and had appeared before him as defendants. Boeckmann’s resignation came after the commission said in a May 5 letter to his lawyer that it was in the process of recovering as many as 4,500 photos.


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“There are numerous photos of naked young men bending over after an apparent paddling,” the letter reads. “Please accept this as notice to not destroy [or] otherwise dispose of this paddle.”


In documents filed earlier this year, the commission detailed the allegations of several men — including one under 18 — who described appearing in Boeckmann’s court for minor violations. The judge would often give defendants his hand-written phone number and have them serve what he described as “community service” at his home.


In one case, a man described having a “sexual relationship” with the judge while he paid off fines that for which Boeckmann granted him extensions.


In another case, Boeckmann reduced a misdemeanor traffic violation and asked the defendant, identified in court documents as W.M., to bring three bags of cans to his home. After the judge offered him a drink — which he declined — “Boeckmann informed W.M. that he needed W.M. to pull 2 cans from the bags and bend over as if he were picking up the cans.”


The judge then instructed him “on how to pose and spread his legs farther apart,” the document states.


In documents filed in February, Boeckmann denied the allegations — saying that the photographs were used “to corroborate participation in community service.” 

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