We have no affiliation with World Star Hip Hop they are just the source of this disturbing information.


Please don’t let the laughter in the forefront diminish the fact that this is a very twisted, warped and distorted individual, and a very sick and disgusting act. This is behavior that the homosexual community hopes to make the norm. 


Just more evidence of how this perversion warps the spirit, and in so doing twists the mind of anyone who is immersed in the filthy lifestyle, and gives that individual over to powerful demonic possession and influence.


Obviously one deceptive message he’s trying to send is, his feces is harmless, and if it is okay for him to eat, it is okay for them to wade through it  in terms of perverse sexual penetration.


Human feces is harmless therefore homosexual penetration is harmless, is the subtle message he is trying to convey. A covert form of reverse psychology.


A disgusting, sick, distorted attempt and yet subtle way of saying the homosexual sex act is harmless, but nothing could be further from the truth.


Warning!!! Content is extremely disgusting and very gross!!! view  at your own risk.