Have The California Rains Eradicated The Drought?

I hate to sound like a pessimist, but I’m a realist. If men are doing what God requires even behind the scenes God can and will turn the drought around completely. As you see in this case with the extensive rainfall in that area he can do it quickly. But that is based on if men are actually putting in the work to turn things around.

But if not I doubt that this is going to change the drought conditions in those areas. As the expert in this video said they would need years of rainfall like this to turn the drought around. And a few blazing hot summers could completely erase those water gains. Most of the water runoff is also contaminated so it couldn’t be used for crops anyway.

The only water that could be used for crops primarily is water that comes from melted snow in the hills and even that is not significant enough as it presently stands to bring reservoirs back to normal levels. If the sins are not departed from, the abominable sins in general, I doubt very seriously if this event is going to put a significant long-term dent in the drought.

From my understanding, even some crops are in danger of being destroyed because of the rainfall. So the rainfall has also caused many other problems along with the drought. Most of the state is out of extreme drought but still remains in a serious drought.

This particular professed expert and others I have listened to come across as being fairly honest compared to some other climate scientists who are falsely claiming the drought is now over as a result of the extensive rainfall.

Which is not true and is done in many cases as a way to discredit God’s word and his servants. To be honest the only thing that is going to get you out of long-term drought is rejecting abominable sins in all of their forms. If you don’t reject the abominable sins you will be made to understand that these events are a result of a God who is angered and sickened by what he sees.

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