Satan is real and sin and it’s destructive effects are real.This young man unfortunately was later found dead and suicide is believed to be the suspected method of death.Sin and it’s enslaving destructive effects are very powerful and real.


Sin negatively effects you in every way.Mentally,emotionally,physically and spiritually.It actually effects you spiritually which in turns spills over to every other facet of life.And impacts and effects everything from your mental to your emotional state.It can also produce debilitating guilt.Following God’s way of life frees us from sins shackles and from the guilt it produces.


God has established guidelines for proper moral behavior, ie,the commandments and his word…not because he wants to enslave us, but because he wants to liberate us from sins addictive and destructive shackles and effects. I’ve personally witnessed the destructive effects of sin in the lives of several people close to me, or who were close to me at one time.Even in the lives of some relatives.


I was at one point caught up in it’s destructive shackles as well.Sin unfortunately comes in different forms.But all of them can be equally as shackling and destructive.If I had come across this video sooner I would have prayed God would change his mind.


But unfortunately I didn’t find the video until after the fact.Unfortunately he like so many others had to come to the realization much too late about how corrupting,destructive and shackling sin is.As sad as it is this is a chilling reminder about how sin and the pulls of the flesh can enslave us, and guide us in directions that produce so much pain and sorrow for not only ourselves but for our loved ones as well.


God requires that we depart from all forms of destructive behavior and sin for our own good and benefit.Not because he seeks enslave and subjugate us for selfish evil reasons.I pray that God comforts his family and pray God will have mercy on him when he judges him. For anyone else out there going through something similar..taking your life is not the answer, please get help.