Elon Musk Acquires Twitter: We Will See Where This Goes. I Will Reserve A More Detailed Commentary Than Below After A Little More Time And Observation.

HAHAHAHAHAHA The part about the despondent attitudes of the extreme radical liberal left Twitter staff within Twitter was hilarious. I personally would get rid of all of the liberal extreme radicals who promote an extreme radical sexual engineering agenda and start from scratch.

If they disagree with your direction they will be working covertly and subversively to undermine and sabotage your operation. They are mentally warped like that. God’s word also confirms it. They are some very evil, sneaky, vindictive, and diabolical, individuals as God’s word says so don’t trust them for a second and watch your back.

I would also relocate operations to someplace like Texas or Florida. And I don’t necessarily agree that a tyrant is someone who won’t allow an individual with physically and spiritually destructive and nation-destroying views (as God defines them) to speak. If that is in fact the way Tucker Carlson meant it. I think it’s the other way around. I’m convinced a tyrant is someone with insane, extreme, radical, destructive views, who won’t allow someone with sane, productive, moral, beneficial views to speak.

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