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PATRICK HOWLEY| National File| Never Let A Crisis Go To WasteDemocrats are not letting the Coronavirus crisis go to waste politically. They are using the global pandemic to provide moral cover for their “Vote By Mail” scheme, which they hope to implement nationally to replace in-person voting at polling places. 
Democrat Sens. Ron Wyden and Amy Klobuchar have introduced a national “Vote By Mail” bill that could result in all Americans, theoretically, voting in the mail in November. If the bill does not survive a potential Trump veto, Democrats are sure to continue agitating at the state level to get Vote By Mail laws before November.  

Oregon is currently an exclusively Vote By Mail state. While some Democrats and their supporters are calling this an “emergency” effort, the push dates back years, with Sen. Wyden proposing a national Vote By Mail bill back in 2010.

Former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer said Democrats should exercise their negotiating power and “make it a condition for an economic rescue package,” in effect holding the economy hostage to get a partisan mechanism to make vote-counting more complicated in November.


President Donald Trump is promising a massive package to stimulate the economy, but of course Democrats are looking to get their hooks into it to undermine Trump.


Federal Election Commission (FEC) commissioner Ellen Weintraub is explicitly tying the push to the hashtag #VirusFreeVoting. Democrats and their allied commentariat are laying it on thick.


In 2019, The Council of Local Mandates in New Jersey struck down the state’s automatic Vote By Mail law as unconstitutional, meaning that voters have to specifically request an absentee ballot for every new election, and county clerks can’t be forced to automatically send them to all voters who requested them at any point in time.


This might be an important case to remember during this year’s inevitable election-related lawfare. Stacey Abrams, who strained our Constitutional Republic to the limit with her post-Election Day vote-stealing tactics in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race, is a leading contender to be Joe Biden’s running mate.

Hillary Clinton is pushing to make “voting by mail the norm going forward.”


Clinton, who seems very interested in the 2020 presidential election despite not being a formal candidate at this time, is following the lead of a member of the Rothschild financial family, who started pushing the “vote by mail” concept in response to the worldwide Chinese Coronavirus outbreak.


A member of the hyper-wealthy Rothschild financial family proposed a “VOTE BY MAIL” system in the 2020 election to replace traditional voting during the Coronavirus pandemic.


David Rothschild, an inveterate anti-Trumper, suggested the electoral process change on Twitter. Though some people already vote by mail, Rothschild is ostensibly proposing a mail-only voting system in which people do not show up to the polls. David Rothschild is the son of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, the English financial oligarch who advises the Queen of England.

UPATE: Since the publishing of this article, many more Democrats have come out in favor of vote by mail, or similar schemes ….