This Is Evil And Unconstitutional: Democrats Quietly Approve Bill To Install Kill Switches In All Vehicles.


Watch the principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. This has certainly not been implemented for the good of American citizens but in reality to their detriment. I’m convinced it’s been put in place to control citizens and advance a totalitarian agenda. And I’m convinced Barrack Obama is behind it all with an even more diabolical, evil agenda, and vendetta against his perceived enemies.


If you’re wise you will work to undo this as fast as possible. If his goal is what I think it is and he’s successful he will be responsible for America’s and the World’s collapse. Barrack Obama is an evil man and he needs to be stopped.


And I’m convinced he’s controlling Biden because he has a ton of dirt on him as elaborated on in a previous article. Many of these leaders have been compromised because the elites have a ton of dirt on them so they cower and compromise with their evil agenda and in some cases reluctantly.


But many of them are so afraid of having their perverted sexual habits, secrets, unlawful, and unethical, deeds exposed that they go along with the agenda, albeit reluctantly. The way for the compromised to solve it and get from under the control of the oppressor is to admit what they have done the public should then forgive them and prosecutors should then pardon them and then go after the sources who are pushing the evil agenda. The guilty, under the condition of never being allowed to hold public office again, while working with prosecutors to expose the real culprits who have been instrumental in breaking laws, enacting destructive laws, and undermining and destroying the country.


You remove the power and control they have over you by doing it this way. You will also be instrumental in helping to save the nation. Many of them know what they are doing is wrong they are just compromised and fear being exposed. There is also a segment that has just sold out for the money that needs to be addressed as well.


Article Below

The Biden administration’s $1.8 trillion Build Back Better bill died on the floor of the Senate after Sen. Joe Manchin voiced his opposition to nearly everything in it.

Meanwhile, Democrats slipped controversial legislation into Pres. Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that was signed into law last year.

The new law requires car and truck manufacturers to install the kill switch in every new vehicle sold in this country.

But critics complain that the remote kill switch will negatively impact drivers around the country.

Democrats insist their kill switch is a life-saving measure. However, critics say the device will make it easier for government agencies to stop your car in its tracks.

Banks will also have an easier time repossessing your vehicle if you fall behind on your car note.

According to the bill, the kill switch, which was signed into law by Biden in November, must “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.”

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

If the driver is impaired, the vehicle will automatically shut off in the middle of the road or highway. Don’t bother trying to restart it.

Critics also say the bill features a “backdoor” allowing government agencies to hijack your car.

Hackers can also access the backdoor and remotely control your car with you inside it.

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