Remove the possibility of Ukraine becoming a Nato member state to de-escalate the situation? That sounds like sound and reasonable advice to me. Not even America or Nato members would want Russia parking missiles on their borders. Why is it when Russia opposes it does America and Nato so strongly oppose Russia’s position?


Is it possible that they are actually up to something and guilty of what Putin is claiming but yet try to change and twist the narrative so as to deflect blame to Putin?  Not to minimize the plight and suffering of innocent Ukrainian citizens but the Bible says the European Union in the end times will be the most violent and destructive military force on planet earth.


And will be responsible for spilling much blood, taking many lives, conquering many nations, and subjugating many people. It will essentially be the rise of the Fourth Reich. And they will embark on a campaign of world domination. The Bible says even the United States will fall victim to it as a result of a treacherous sneak attack. And the Bible says it’s all happening because of your abominable sins. God says he is raising them up and sending them against you because of your abominations.


So the thought of the E.U. and Nato having far-reaching military and political ambitions is not so far-fetched at all if we are to believe God’s word. Heck, maybe Putin has intelligence we don’t know about and knows something we don’t know. Maybe that’s why he is in such an uproar. If you are going to apply scrutiny to Putin I would advise you to apply just as much scrutiny to the E.U.


The Bible says they are going to be the power to watch and fear in the end-times, not Russia. They will be building militarily and plotting behind the scenes under the pretense of being a loyal American ally. Only to eventually change direction and loyalty suddenly and abruptly. Give Putin assurances that Ukraine won’t be able to join Nato in the future and see if that will de-escalate the situation. When leaders start talking nuclear alerts the stakes have gotten much much higher.


Some may say Putin is just bluffing but no one knows what’s in his heart. And rolling the dice with continued persecution that’s directly impacting innocent Russian citizens as well as the Russian leadership while a nuclear option is on the table is not wise in my opinion. Giving an ear to Russia’s genuine concerns of being surrounded and threatened by Nato forces in hopes of reaching a reasonable consensus is prudent in my opinion. The Bible says in the end time Russia’s military actions will merely be a response to future E.U. aggression.