The video above shows what appears to be Hillary Clinton having a seizure while reporters ask her questions. But what’s most disturbing  is the fact that her eyes turn completely black while experiencing this episode, that many feel was a seizure, only to turn back to their original color, where you can clearly see the blue and white color of her eyes.


I have never seen anything like this before.Neither can I attribute it to anything else.Many will question the validity of the footage, but there are several different videos posted on youtube of the same incident, and all clearly show her eyes turning completely black.


If there is no logical explanation for this its very disturbing and in my opinion adds more controversy to the claims that she is in fact involved in some kind of occult and or satanic/luciferian worship and  organization. The guy narrating the video claims he has seen many different seizures and this episode with Hillary does not appear to be a seizure.


And this episode of her eyes turning completely black may in fact be a clear example of strong demonic influence or some form of demon possession.Satan is very desperate because he knows his time is running short, so working to control the office of the President first by using President Obama, and now using Hillary Clinton is not out of the realm of possibility, and would be considered a logical move to further promote different aspects of his very destructive and perverse agenda.


Which includes working to legalize pedophilia,abolishing gender identity and roles, destroying the notion of good and evil, teaching perverse sexual behavior to elementary school children as a form of brainwashing and indoctrination,etc.When you understand how powerful he is, and how desperate he is,nothing can be ruled out.