By Donald Bohanon……. Sunday…August 7,2016


Vladimir Putin elaborates on the importance of moral values as a part of Russia’s national growth,stability and survival. Vladimir Putin expounds on Russia’s religious history and values, formed and founded on biblical principles and traditions, and how those principles and traditions have formed the core of Russian values.


I honestly have a great deal of respect and admiration for Vladmir Putin and find him to be an example  of courage and steadfastness in a time when values and principles around the world, are being eroded and perverted as result of the influence of western liberalism and immorality.


In the face of pressure from a corrupt and perverse Obama Administration, to capitulate and bow to western liberalism and immorality……..even  under unwarranted and unjustified harsh economic sanctions, he has stood firm and committed to following a set of values that he believes has contributed to Russian stability, growth and survival over the years.


He is one of very few world leaders who has not capitulated and bowed to an immoral and  destructive western influence, as it relates to a form of perverse,very dangerous and destructive,sexual, social engineering that’s being promoted and forced on nations worldwide, courtesy of a corrupt,immoral and  imperial Obama Administration.


And although I understand  President Putin is not perfect (no man is) I believe he is a breath of fresh air in a world of conformist, who bow down to pressure,compromise and sell their self proclaimed beliefs and values to the highest bidder.


President Putin could have easily capitulated and conformed and it would have been very beneficial to him from a financial perspective both individually and nationally. But he chose remain faithful and true to the preservation of Russia and  Russian values for the benefit of Russia and it’s citizens, by doing what he knows is in the best interest of his country and citizens, as opposed to what’s best for him personally, in terms of financial gain, worldwide praise, approval and notoriety.


Make no mistake about it capitulating to western influence could and can still make Vladimir Putin a much wealthier man. But he has obviously chosen to bypass the opportunity for immense personal gain for what’s best for Russia and it’s citizens. I find that to be very admirable in an atmosphere,environment and era, of capitulator’s and conformists for personal gain.


In my opinion he is a type of present day Winston Churchill in some respects,at least as it relates to standing against a very real and dangerous present day evil, that many around the world cannot remotely fathom,of which many are too blind to see, and that includes many Russian citizens.


The decline and eventual collapse of great empires and nations, as a result of moral decline throughout history, has been proven over and over and over again.But many in western civilization refuse to acknowledge the mistakes of the past, so as not to repeat them.


Putin’s wisdom and knowledge of the  destructive, diabolical and dangerous machinations of a corrupt, perverse and decadent,western culture and civilization, at this time, and in this present day and age, is refreshing in a time when many in western society and around the world, appear to be walking through life with blinders on, and ear plugs in.


He understands how dangerous and destructive the promotion and furthering of a perverse, and very radical form of sexual,social engineering worldwide,will be to the moral foundation of his nation.Unlike so many others who are totally blind to this very dangerous threat. You can read some excerpts from his speech below.





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 By President Vladimir Putin


Published on Aug 6, 2016

That which is “freedom” to a liberal, is offensive to a more conservative state of mind. They are two irreconcilable world views. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong, but there are as many opinions on this subject as there are people in the world.

However, it is true that many Russians hold Western values in contempt, and resist being subjugated to them. Deserved or not, the West is often perceived as a faithless and individualistic society with an exceptional love of money.

The pop culture that arrives on Russian TV screens is often looked down upon for its over-sexualised content. Cultural phenomena such as ‘twerking’ are not really understood.


Further examples can include the often misogynistic rap culture, the overemphasis on all things stupid (are you keeping up with the Kardashians?), the devaluing of the family unit as the foundation of society, the mascularisation of women, the demasculation of men, the ability to have no gender (I mean, what?), and the list goes on.


This is not to feed the opinions of the libertards who scream “Putin banned homosexuality!” He did no such thing and homosexuals live and work in Russia like any other, with no restrictions on any of their civil liberties. What did occur is the ban on “propaganda for homosexuality” to children and teenagers, which is overt and often vulgar.


(For example, why is it that a gay parade, for around 1% of the population, can be held on taxpayer money, otherwise known as the majority of the population, but also behave in a way that a group of heterosexual people never could in public?) The point is not that homosexuals should not exist – they can and happily do! The point is that the minority groups should not force their choices on to the majority of the population.



Russia’s Roskomnadzor (The Federal Service for Supervision of Information Technologies and Mass Communications) has banned websites such as PornHub, as it violated laws surrounding porn distribution and child protection. Similarly, 136 other adult websites were also banned from being accessed in Russia – all of which can easily be viewed by children in any Western country.



I understand the liberals’ concerns about paternalism – but this is about ethics, it is about shutting down profits to a handful of individuals , at the cost of the younger members of society. It is not about consolidation of control.




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