Question:  Are you concerned about being harmed  by powerful  government officials by making decrees that impact the nation?


Donald Bohanon:  No, because I don’t control the weather, God does. And I don’t make decrees only prophetic statements that God ultimately fulfills.I only have power as it comes from God.


I can do nothing by myself.  And not to mention the fact the government claims the destructive weather events are the result of man made climate change (which is ridiculous and has been completely disproved numerous times) so you can’t have it both ways. But certainly, there’s a risk involved for speaking the truth, in a wicked, perverse, society and world.


I don’t fear standing for the truth and for God. I will never be threatened into conforming to a perverse and ungodly way of life and culture.Wrong is wrong, and right is right, and only the great God determines that.


And I will continue to broadcast that message. And like I mentioned in a previous Q&A if I’m harmed by any government official (and only as God allows it), or anyone, in any way, they may as well line up their mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, and the rest of their lineage and execute them, and then turn those same weapons on themselves.


Because God is going to slaughter them utterly, indiscriminately and without mercy, in the tens of millions, by destructive weather events, disease, famine and war, until the nation is destroyed quickly,completely and totally.And this is not a threat, but the truth and a promise. 


I wont be threatened or bullied into silence when so many physical and spiritual lives are at stake.I’m not fearful of any man or government official who breaks, bleeds and dies, and who is going to have to answer to the same God that I’ll have to answer to.I’m actually just getting warmed up,and will be making prophetic statements as they are warranted,of which God will fulfill in accordance with his will.


So if they have a problem with punishment and chastisement, maybe they should modify their behavior to fall  in line with God’s will, and what he defines as morally acceptable behavior.


Because if not the national curses are going to continue, and perverse individuals and groups will be plagued, punished and cursed,in the form of deadly disease,violence,etc, as I prophesied in a previous audio. Because they despise God, and as he brings their filthy sins crashing down upon their own heads…… Deuteronomy 32:39-43,Ezekiel 9:4-10,Psalms 105:15.Isaiah 3:9-12,Proverbs 1:24-33.


When these things begin to happen (and they will) because of sin,rebellion, and prophetic statements, take it up with God because he controls the weather, not me. If they love life,their mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters,and their material possessions,they will heed the warnings instead, and never harm a hair on the head of God’s anointed servants…..Deuteronomy 32:39-43,Ezekiel 9:4-10,Psalms 105:15.


And none of this is a threat, just simply the truth, and a promise. If you have any doubt I am who I say I am, let them try that foolish approach, and I promise you, they will regret it and will be weeping and bemoaning all the way to their hundreds of millions of graves. They will find out in lightning quick fashion, I am who I say I am, if they try that foolish, stupid approach…… Deuteronomy 32:39-43,Ezekiel 9:4-10,Psalms 105:15.


They have brought these curses upon themselves for defying and grievously sinning against God.In that they pass laws that greatly anger God, and thumb their noses in his face, by promoting and legalizing perversion and ungodly behavior in general, that God detests.And by persecuting and slandering his servants.Society as a whole is complicit because they support verbally and through their actions these perverse groups and lifestyles.So they are fair game in the eyes of God.


They willfully follow corrupt,perverse, ungodly leaders, who are leading them down paths of destruction Isaiah 3:12. When you defy and disrespect God in such a way there will always be terrible, repetitive, destructive consequences. So honestly you can’t cry and boo hoo as a nation,and blame others, because of your own self inflicted wounds.