God detests Idol worship because it takes the focus off of God and puts the focus on Idols of Wood and Stone that can do nothing.God will turn his back on you in situations like this because his attitude is let your Stone and Wood God’s save you if they can.The worship of idols actually has more to do with not being willing to submit to the authority of God because in reality you want to continue in your sin.


So instead of submitting to God who requires that we depart from evil behavior …Idol worshippers will instead create their own God’s.With the false belief that they will have God along with continuing in sinful, evil behavior.


This is what it’s really about,and is what God understands.But Idols of Wood and Stone  are not God.And serving God requires making personal sacrifices to prove your love for him and your loyalty to him.I have seen video of many Thai Citizens  praying in mass to Idols to deliver the boys.That actually turns God’s stomach and greatly angers him.


I just hope that doesn’t offend God in such a way that he turns a deaf ear to the prayers of his true servants in regards to this issue. God will do that sometimes to avoid giving the false impression that Idols actually saved the boys.


I just pray that doesn’t happen.I pray God will close up the heavens and delay the monsoon rains if needed so the boys can be safely delivered.Although it very well may not be needed.God can save in more ways than one he doesn’t need to stop the rain to save the boys.


He can do it by giving men the know how and knowledge to save them.If it happens know that its by the hand of God and not by the hand of false,worthless,Idol God’s of Wood and Stone!


But he may very well just leave it up to men to figure out because of his disgust with all the Idol worship that’s taking place in Thailand in regards to this matter.He hates Idol worship that much.