Regulation is the only solution to reeling in this beast.Applying stiff regulations is the only rational, ethical path.If not, it will eventually morph into an all powerful, liberal behemoth, totally focused on and used to promote and further a radical liberal agenda and crush all dissenting views.


What they do when they feel you aren’t looking(silencing dissenting voices and views) is what they will be doing when they get so big  powerful and influential that no one can control them.Regardless of what Mark Zuckerberg says,they will use the platform as they have been using it…to  promote liberal propaganda and further a radical liberal agenda.


Which involves completely crushing anyone who doesn’t agree with the liberal narrative, and radical liberal agenda.Regulate them or I promise you will eventually regret it in soo many ways.Reel this beast in that’s the only rational and ethical option. 


These types of gargantuan monopolies are bigger threats to America’s Freedom than any threat from perceived hostile nations.America can deal with perceived threats from most countries.But once this behemoth gets so powerful with lobbyist in their back pocket I’m convinced you wont be able to reel them in. They will then be used as a tool to completely corrupt and destroy what’s left of the moral fabric of this country.As they work aggressively to advance a liberal agenda and totally destroy all conservative values.


Which will ultimately bring the wrath and judgment of God upon the nation.In that context they are a threat to destroy American freedom and destroy the moral fabric of the nation.And in so doing destroy the nation.In that context they are a much bigger threat than any hostile nation and more of a liability than an asset.


Hostile nations are outward threats that can be seen. This type of radical, liberal, propaganda machine, corrupts and destroys from within.Like a festering internal infection or disease that’s not visible, but yet quietly ravages and destroys the body from within.


What is the bigger threat,the enemy you know about and can see,or the enemy that you can’t see until it’s too late? An enemy which is masked and hidden,and lurks from within,while quietly ravaging and killing you from within.? If you don’t regulate and reel them in I promise you will live to regret it.