The Radical Liberal Left Fighting Hard To Stifle Free Speech.



I have been writing for quite sometime about how the radical left in cahoots with the liberal mainstream media are working to undermine and destroy freedom of speech.And  it appears that objective has never been more obvious than it is now. Their goal has never been tolerance,a  group which is primarily comprised of sexual deviants in powerful positions, as well as sexual deviants in more common everyday white collar and blue roles.Who are behind the push to destroy free speech,by promoting chaos and anarchy as means to silence  all differing views and opinions.


They simply want to silence anyone who has differing views or opposes their twisted and very destructive agenda.An agenda which includes the promotion of transgenderism, the legalization of pedophilia, as well as  furthering and continuing to spread and popularize filthy,corrupting  and destructive homosexual behavior.


As well as the legalization and promotion of any form of twisted sexual behavior as long as the person who practices it, fights for it and promotes it, feels it’s right in their minds.No matter how twisted,vile, filthy,infectious and toxic it is, on a physical and spiritual level.


Conservative writer and best selling author Ann Coulter was recently snubbed by the University Of Berkeley California and prevented from speaking there because of her conservative views.And although I don’t agree with everything Ann says I am in agreement with her stance on certain issues.And preventing Ann from speaking at that University is a classic example of liberal fascism.


The left is now using the ridiculous argument that hate speech, as they define it, can’t be viewed or accepted as free speech. Which really boils down to the fact that anything that opposes their twisted destructive views and ideologies, they have the right to label “hate speech” and therefore challenge it’s veracity,in terms of what should fall under the category of “free speech”. They seek to redefine “free speech” as anything that fits the liberal definition and viewpoint.


But all speech even if it’s contrary to your own views is free speech based on the constitution. So where does that leave us? Certainly not bowing down to the left. To do that would simply be tantamount to handing over the reigns of power to insane, perverted sex addicts, who’s sex addictions(sexual and material) for the most part guide,form and drive  their goals and agenda.


The real powers behind the funding of the movement are primarily comprised of perverted sex addicts,who hopefully seek to realize an open and free, perverted sex driven society, where anything goes.Many of these individuals are Aleister Crowley disciples,who live by and follow the Crowley doctrine,which is “do as thou wilt”.


A philosophy that promotes a lifestyle that believes there should be no sexual boundaries that constrain men and women. Which is really satanic in nature and the true definition and origins of anarchy and chaos. Because laws which govern against immorality or criminality are meant to prevent and avert chaos.A society where unrestrained  perverted sex  is allowed to flourish unchecked, is equally as destructive and dangerous as a society where unrestrained criminality is allowed to flourish unchecked. Without laws whether moral or criminal  you have a lawless society which leads to anarchy and chaos.


Which is certainly what Satan seeks to promote through the radical left,and it’s warped and twisted ideas and philosophy, because of how physically and spiritually corrupting and destructive, that way of thinking and behaving really is.And by the way, Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals fits right into their diabolical plans,because it limits the rights of and strips power from the citizens which ultimately makes what they’re trying to accomplish that much easier.


And of course Satan’s goal is to destroy as many physical and spiritual lives as he can before he is tormented for all eternity. The radical left is not just a dangerous movement, but it’s a Satan inspired movement with the twisted diabolical teachings and  doctrine  of Aleister Crowley as the subversive and covert foundation that many really powerful and wealthy radical liberals themselves live by in many respects.


So to bend to the will of the radical left is essentially like putting Satan himself in the drivers seat, while we rational thinkers simply go along for the ride. There is a more sinister and diabolical spiritual force behind the fight to destroy free speech.And to bow down to that radical liberal agenda is tantamount to giving Satan the steering wheel while we just quietly go along for the ride. Do I really need to tell you how that is going to turn out? And do you really  think giving in and laying down to such a destructive and corrupting movement is an option?


These riots are just that riots and unlawful descent, and that descent needs to be quelled by using lawful means.And any professor or any member of the Universities faculty who encourages this kind of lawless behavior needs to be held accountable as well.


The promotion of an open and free,perverted,sex driven society, is hidden as the  core foundation of the movement, with the further promotion of homosexuality,bisexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism,and pedophilia as the goals. Although they will try to cloak it as some other movement,or use multiple arguments for differing social issues as the fake foundation of the movement.


Much like how the homosexual movement hijacked many chapters of the black lives matter movement. And how they had always been behind the scenes funding specific chapters of  the movement, with the real goal of eventually taking over the movement and furthering the homosexual agenda.The same thing applies in this case but only on a much broader scale.They are the primary group behind the descent,fake propaganda,vehement, radical disdain, of political opposition and presidential candidates,etc. With many wealthy homosexuals,bisexuals and lesbians behind the scenes funding the movement, while using other social issues and groups as a front, as they work covertly to realize their sick goals and agenda.


An open and free, perverted, sex  driven society, and the practicing and promotion of black magic and sorcery are just some of  the goals. It will lead to chaos,anarchy, disease,death, destruction, sorrow and suffering, but yet Satan has convinced these blind, perverted, sex addicts that it will in fact be good for society. But in reality it will lead to death, confusion,sorrow and suffering, on an unimaginable scale. And the radical liberal left and it’s exploits, with all the violence and chaos  you see is just the beginning if its allowed to persist unopposed.And in actuality is the world Aleister Crowley envisioned (as he was powerfully deceived and influenced by Satan) in it’s beginning stages, and in embryo.



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