Question: Why Do You Attack President Obama He Does Good Acts Are Not His Good Works Going To Follow Him In The Judgment As Well?


Donald Bohanon:  I’m not personally attacking him, just speaking the truth about who he is and how spiritually, physically and nationally, destructive and damaging, the laws he’s passed are going to be to the American public, as well as citizens of other nations. Because of how influential he is and how that will prompt many to believe the homosexual lifestyle is good and beneficial, and therefore follow and embrace it.


When in reality the lifestyle and behavior is filthy, evil, and very,very,very  destructive, both physically and spiritually. And yes every ones genuine, good works, done without an ulterior motive, will be praised by God. But just as good works can and will reap mercy, bad works can and will reap condemnation.


And the fact that he’s legalized and promoted a lifestyle that is going to ultimately result in the physical and spiritual deaths of quite possibly billions, dictates that he wont be able to do enough good works in a hundred lifetimes to offset the damage he will have done by way of the success (if you can actually call it that) in passing of that one law.  


With the exception of complete repentance and a complete conversion, which involves obedience to the commandments and the word of God as whole ,while being filled and or led by the Holy Spirit and never deviating from that path, at which point all of his past sins will be forgiven….Ezekiel 18:20-24,Romans Chapter 6, Hebrews 6:6-8, Hebrews 10:26-31.


Aside from that he is going to have to answer for every physical and spiritual life destroyed, as a result of the vile laws and policies  he’s worked to pass. And honestly that is not going to bode well at all for him in the resurrection to judgment.


Because of  his ignorance and pride by thinking he’s wise in his own eyes, and prudent in own sight, with the passing of that law, he’s been led into a deadly trap by Satan that is going to be virtually impossible for him to dig his way out of,  barring a complete conversion…Isaiah 5:21. Which I honestly don’t see him doing because he loves, fights for, and clings to the things that God hates.


And that applies to anyone else who has worked to pass the same or similar laws, the millions of lives and souls destroyed because of it, will fall on their heads, and they will take full responsibility for it when they face  God in the judgment.


I’m convinced that many gangsters will have a much better chance of being spared in the judgment, than most of these politicians, if they show genuine love and compassion . …Proverbs:10:12, Matthew: 5:7, James: 2:13 


Because the taking of a few lives, can’t remotely be compared to the taking of millions of lives, even if it was done by the stroke of a pen. Isaiah 5:20-25,Proverbs 17:15, Malachi 4:1, Mark 9:42,Matthew 18:6,John 5:28-29, Romans 2:6, Romans 2:6-10,Revelation 20:11-15.