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By Donald Bohanon Added 9/29/2018


New information about a “Go Fund Me Page” for Dr. Christine Ford has surfaced.In light of how dubiously the Democratic/Liberal party has worked to bring the claims of sexual assault by Christine Ford to light, the existence of a Go Fund Me Page creates even more suspicion.Is Christine Ford being  encouraged or paid for offering damning testimony for falsely accusing  Judge Kavanaugh? 


A prominent talk show host recently claimed she would be interested to know where all the money is going (which presently stands at around five hundred thousand dollars and counting.)


But I think equally as important as where the money is going, is where its coming from?After all, what better way to dispel suspicions of a pay off than by setting up a Go Fund Me Donation Page?


I mean, who would suspect a donation page as a form of pay off?It certainly would be less obvious than getting a payment directly from an unknown source which is sure to create suspicion and which could spur an investigation.Just cover up the pay off by making it look like a donation to a victim of sexual abuse.


So I think a methodical investigation into where the funds are coming from is in order.Investigating those who gave donations,specifically those who gave major donations and where they got the money to make those donations, as well as their political affiliations I think is only reasonable.Considering all the diabolical tactics at play in working to insure the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t come to fruition.Five hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money.


Could radical far left billionaires like George Soro’s and others be involved?This is not meant to condemn Dr. Christine Ford.Nor to necessarily suggest she is absolutely complicit in a paid to play scheme,it’s just a valid point to consider.


Considering the suspicious nature of this whole situation.Sexual assault is a terrible thing but equally as terrible in my opinion is destroying the name and reputation of an innocent person based on lies,falsified information and deception.


Was she sexually assaulted?Honestly I don’t know, because of the time gap in reporting the incident, as well as the statements made by those Dr. Ford claimed were at the party.Who have all denied any recollection of the events.


I agree with many others that displays of emotion can’t be the standard that we use to determine if the allegations are true or not, but only by facts based on gathered evidence and from reliable and knowledgeable witness testimony.


None of which Dr.Christine Ford has produced.Not to mention the fact that some of the other alleged accusers have recanted their statements.


She may very well have been sexually assaulted and I feel for her if she has.But I’m not convinced it was by the hand of Judge Kavanaugh.


And the truth of the matter is she hasn’t provided any significant proof to corroborate her story.That and the dubious nature in which the process  of bringing the claim of sexual assault  to light  creates a cloud of suspicion on all levels in my opinion.


That’s why if an FBI investigation is to be done as many members of the panel have suggested,I think a thorough investigation into where the funds for the Go Fund Me Page are originating from is in order as well.


As well as an extensive background check into Dr. Fords mental health at that time which some have suggested may be an under reported critical piece of information.Because based on what I’ve heard she may have had a rough life in her younger years and may have suffered some form of psychological trauma as a result of it.


I would also be curios to know if she may have had some kind of secret crush on Brett Kavanaugh in high school.Or possibly may have been bullied at some point,on one or more occasions, by him and his friends as many young ignorant boys and girls are prone to do at that age.That could result in longstanding resentment and bitterness.


I have also personally known of incidents where women have had serious infatuations for a particular guy only to go off the rails when the other person didn’t reciprocate that interest or affection.


So much so they would go to desperate measures to hurt or harm the individual they were infatuated with.Especially if that individual went on to get romantically involved with another woman.Factor that in with psychological issues and that could be a major point of concern and a relevant issue.


Or considering  the fact she resides in the San Francisco area a very liberal area.Is she a far left liberal?Or could she be a homosexual/bisexual or lesbian sympathizer or something more?


When you consider the possible relevance of that in relation to the Kavanaugh confirmation and how her testimony could serve to benefit that cause.No man or woman is infallible or above reproach or incorruptible.Someone is confused,mistaken or just outright deceptive and dishonest.But as it presently stands evidence in my opinion appears to favor Judge Kavanaugh’s position.


These are just some valid points  to  consider.Both came across as convincing.Emotional deliveries have a way of  swaying and influencing public opinion.


That’s why an investigation may be in order to get to the truth.Let’s just pray this doesn’t open up a long line of accusers presented and marched forward at the behest of a very dubious and diabolical Democratic/Liberal party.


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