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By Donald Bohanon …Sunday– July 31,2016


The spread of the Zika Virus is prompting scientist to take desperate measures by introducing GMO mosquitoes into the mosquito population in hopes of stopping the spread of the virus. But is this a good idea? Is it really a good idea to introduce GMO mosquitoes into the environment?



The truth of the matter is GMO food hasn’t even been proven safe, despite studies that suggest otherwise. And now they want to introduce genetically modified insects into the environment?! It’s actually financially beneficial for many  scientist and food production companies that paint that false narrative.


So it’s in their financial interest to suggest that GMO food is safe when it’s been proven dangerous by independent scientist,to not only humans, but the environment as well.


Several independent studies have shown GMO food  causes allergic reactions in people from everything to skin conditions, renal failure,toxins, new diseases,nutritional problems,etc. For more information on the danger of GMO food Click Here.


One independent study suggests that it doesn’t even increase crop yields. And if it serves no real benefit, not even financially, in terms of profit from crop yields, etc, what is the real purpose behind the push for the production and distribution of it?


I’m personally not comfortable with carnal, corrupt, perverse men,motivated and driven by greed and lust,  given the responsibility of genetically modifying my food to their specifications, for financial gain and benefit, or for other dubious reasons. And I’m convinced there is a much more sinister motive behind the mass production and distribution of GMO food.


Just like food can be modified to reflect certain food characteristics, it can be modified to produce disease, or to even modify a persons behavior to fit a certain demographic or group,or to produce certain behavioral characteristics that are deemed acceptable to the one wielding the power through human genetic modification and manipulation.


Although science has made enormous gains in many areas,the caveat is, such knowledge carries a certain danger with it. In that, if put in the wrong hands, the hands of demented, dubious and diabolical individuals, who are governed by greed and lust, it could prove disastrous beyond imagination individually and for the human race as a whole.


And could result in irreparable damage on a physical and spiritual level. Poisonous genetically modified food can  just as easily be used to genetically modify humans and human behavior. And in the wrong hands that could have catastrophic consequences.


And even with that being said,  no individual should be given the power to control and covertly force another to comply with their very dangerous and destructive will. And sadly and unfortunately this kind of genetic science gives the practitioner that kind of control and power, and I have no doubt it will ultimately end up in the wrong hands,and be covertly used for the wrong purposes, if it hasn’t already.


And the use of genetically modified insects probably carries even more dangerous ramifications. I personally would never allow the use of genetically modified insects on a human population, in the hands of a twisted visionary, with twisted goals,ideas and objectives, it could open up a pandora’s box of perpetual destruction on a genetic and cellular level that could be virtually impossible to reel back in.


And in the wrong hands could  be used to covertly eradicate whole races of people…… the poor and undesirables. There are so many ways it can be used to destroy, manipulate and alter, humans and human genetics and  behavior by producing disease, cellular degeneration and degradation,infertility,psychological issues,etc. When operating from a cellular level virtually anything is possible.And I would aggressively and relentlessly protest the implementation of such a plan. 


I believe  the use of both genetically modified food and insects for any purpose is extremely dangerous,immoral and unethical to say the least. And both experiments, using humans as guinea pigs, need to be discontinued and reeled in before it’s too late.


If you want to reduce your risk for the spread of disease, change your moral direction, or find another method ,because God is cursing the nation with disease, destructive weather events, etc, because of it’s national sins. GMO mosquitoes wont save you, but obeying God and ceasing from provoking him to anger will. 


And you can’t improve upon what God has made in terms of food, it’s perfect as it is, it doesn’t need to be genetically modified/altered/ turned into poisonous junk. And those who engage in the act of mass production and distribution of this garbage will be dealt with terribly on a physical and spiritual level in due time.