I’m glad this guy Jesse Dollemore saved me the time and effort of responding to and writing about the obvious deep seated  ignorance and bias of Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren.


I find it hard to believe how some one who has no knowledge,understanding,  or personal experience whatsoever about the plight of African Americans, can somehow, based her short commentary,pretend to be an expert about the plight of blacks and their history.


I honestly felt her many inaccurate statements were really not worthy of a response. I’m pretty relieved that some one white, with knowledge and understanding of the plight of African Americans decided to expose this girls ignorance and misrepresentation, of not only black history,blacks and the plight of blacks, but also her hypocrisy in claiming to be a Christian but failing to practice and promote honesty and truth, which are biblical requirements to be deemed righteous and a Christian in God’s eyes.


Something this girl is sorely and obviously lacking. She’s good at cherry picking bits and pieces of misinformation in a deceptive effort to justify and validate her position.


But she’s great at misrepresenting and trivializing the suffering and persecution of blacks which has resulted in the conditions many blacks live in today, and at disregarding the preponderance of  facts and history,which clearly suggests her many misinformed statements about the black community and it’s struggles and suffering, are completely false and inaccurate.


But she was right about one thing though, she completely “shredded” misrepresented and trivialized, not Colin Kaepernick, but the truth about the history, persecution and plight of the black community, and replaced it with some doctored, pieced together, bits and pieces of biased misinformation, which she has ignorantly and deceptively masqueraded and promoted as fact and truth in a short commentary.


Let me also emphasize this is not necessarily a support of Colin Kaepernicks position, but only an assessment of Tomi Lahrens many racially biased and misinformed statements and commentaries.I am neither anti flag or anti country, but only unsupportive of corrupt and perverse government policies, and progressive liberal values.


Biased,trivialized,misinformed commentary doesn’t equate to facts and truth about the plight, persecution,struggle and sufferings of the black community. Maybe the fact that an intelligent and informed white man “shredded” her and clearly exposed her ignorance,bias and lack of knowledge, will somehow open the eyes of many other ignorant and misinformed whites.


Because correction and the presenting of historical facts, from many educated and intelligent blacks doesn’t seem to be sinking in or doing the job. Respect to Jesse Dollemore for exposing and educating the uneducated,immature,arrogant, biased and ignorant.


Please girl do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself and allowing your clear bias, racial animus and ignorance,to shine through like the sun in full strength. And go sit down and keep quiet about topics and issues that you clearly have very little or no knowledge of.