L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling was allegedly recorded denigrating blacks and expressing his dislike for the black race. But I’m not shocked that racism is still alive and well in America it’s here, it still exists, and it may not be going away anytime soon but let’s hope I’m wrong. Racism is still alive and it’s something most blacks and minorities still face and have to deal with on a regular basis in society today. But I am a bit stunned that the racism was so blatant, and deep seated, it appears at the very core and being of an owner of a franchise that employs more blacks than just about any other organization. Racism that is so deep seated that he would tell his girlfriend  if she does not go along with him and adopt his racist views that he will find another girl who will do what he says, a girl that will go along with his racist views and share in his hate for blacks.


I find that very disturbing and believe this runs deeper and is more pervasive than just Donald Sterling’s own hate for blacks. Based on his own words he appears to be trying covertly to create a movement encouraging others, even forcing others who don’t share his views, to adopt his views. Not just voicing his own pathetically ignorant, racist views and beliefs, but he appears to be working to incite racism to encourage even force others to adopt his repugnant, destructive, ignorant, racist position. Racist views that are based on an absolute ignorance and lack of knowledge of  black history, and lack of knowledge of the unwarranted, unprovoked, bloody,violent, barbaric abuse of the black race in many instances throughout history at the hands of ignorant, racist men and women, who shared the same distorted, evil views that Donald Sterling subscribes to. Which are all part of the struggle and history of the black race. Racial hatred and ignorance, which can be very dangerous and destructive and can quickly undermine the stability of a nation.


And based on his disturbing, deep, heartfelt beliefs, you have to ask the question, how many other owners are there who secretly share and promote the same sick,twisted, destructive, anti black and anti God views?  “To hate anyone based on their skin color,race or nationality is evil, ignorant, and anti God”. And is it prevalent and at the top of all or most other sports organizations? And what about major corporations does it exist there as well? Are those racist views the status quo as it relates to all or most owners of powerful organizations and corporations in America? Is this a secret growing movement that we as common citizens are simply not aware of and privy to? I think these are questions that the American public needs to ponder and contemplate. To allow such racist views to fester and grow secretly at the head of some of the most powerful organizations in America is tantamount to allowing racism to be institutionalized all over again. Allowing such racist views to fester and grow will only insure that the black race is gradually and subtly relegated to the level of second class citizenship once again.


These types of racist views if not swiftly and aggressively dealt with within the rule of law (Unless of course that law conflicts with the word of God) and eradicated will only insure that the old southern racist views of the past will eventually become more widespread and pervasive in the nation, to the undermining and destruction of the nation as a whole. Hidden, pervasive racism, in major organizations and companies? Racist hiring practices, promotion considerations based on and influenced by racists views? Home ownership allowed or disallowed based on and  influenced by racist views? Loan approval or rejection based on and influenced by racist views? And the examples are endless. I’m sure most Americans would agree with the prevailing sentiments that are being expressed by most in regards to this issue,that there is no place in American society much less the NBA for such repugnant,disgusting,nation undermining, destructive, hateful racist views. Such destructive and offensive views need to be uncovered,exposed and rooted out. It needs to be swiftly and aggressively dealt with within the rule of law, rejected and not embraced or adopted. The bible says in the end time civil unrest and moral decline will be major contributing factors  to the fall of the nation.  And allowing ignorant, destructive,racist views from anyone,on any level, to fester, grow and spread, is one of the quickest ways to guarantee and insure civil and social unrest, and  to insure America’s  prophesied fall and destruction is expedited.



By Donald Bohanon



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