Click Here to see in depth information about Aleister Crowley and the New Age Occult Movement  which also claims that President Barrack Obama may be possibly  affiliated with the organization.


The New Age Occult Movement  has been getting some serious internet press as of late. It is reported to be an organization steeped in the occult and satanism, many politicians,celebrities, and common people, are reported to be members of this occult movement.


Some well known celebrities and politicians such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay Z, Kanye West, to name a few are reported to be deeply involved in this and other occult organizations as well as the record companies that sign many of these artist.


Many who are actively engaged in the destruction and corruption of  lives, souls, and societies, by using music as a tool to  corrupt and destroy the youth, by bombarding them and  indoctrinating them through  twisted, ungodly  music, that’s  mass produced and  distributed.


And the people that claim  they are involved offer some pretty compelling information to support their claims. The question is does the New Age Occult Movement  really exists? I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. There is no limit to the depths of Satan’s evil, devices and desperation.


Especially considering the fact that he knows Christ return is imminent and he is in a  panic because he knows his days are numbered, and has an understanding of  the punishment that is about to be inflicted upon him and all those that proudly, happily, gleefully, follow and obey him evidenced by their behavior Malachi 4:1, Revelation 20:10, Revelation 21:7-8. 


What you think can’t be as it relates to Satan and his devices in many cases may very well be,  please understand that there is no limit to the depths of Satan’s evil and influence.


It is my understanding that many people who are involved in this organization are actively engaged in recruiting others. Many covert bisexual parents are actively engaged in recruiting their own children into it through deceit, lies, manipulation,  and by subtly integrating them into the gay/bisexual lifestyle and then transitioning them into this ungodly organization or vice versa. 


Take a look at the video series entitled homogenization under the Aleister Crowley/New Age Occult Movement  link at the top of the site where it goes into a little more detail. I personally know of parents that have guided their children into the gay lifestyle, I don’t know them personally but have watched from a distance as things played out, this is something that is happening on a large scale.


And although I have no affiliation with any of these sites or videos and don’t agree with some of the views expressed in them. Like the United States being the prophesied beast of the bible, or that a verbal acceptance of Christ without obedience to the  commandments, and the word of  God/ the bible, without any change in behavior dictates that you are acquitted from all sin and born again. A belief that  is not consistent with God’s word. I hope to do audios addressing all those topics soon.


But based on this  information and more importantly  the compelling evidence that supports these claims. One has to honestly ask the question  who are  Barack Obama, Jay Z, Kanye West,Bill and Hillary Clinton etc? Are these just baseless assumptions or truths confirmed by the information presented? In any event these claims need to be thoroughly examined, we simply can’t afford not to, the national,physical, and spiritual stakes, are much too high.


Click Here  for information about Aleister Crowley  infamous bisexual/homosexual occultist.


 Click Here  for more information about Aleister Crowley  the infamous bisexual/homosexual occultist and other compelling information that implicates many record companies and record company executives who are also practicing members of these occult organizations



 Click Here  for more information about Aleister Crowley  the infamous bisexual/homosexual occultist.  Take careful note of the perverse heartless nature of this man and how that is consistent with the God hating, twisted, ungodly, heartless, perverse nature that the bible says these sexual perversions produce notice Romans 1:26-32, Romans 1:30-32.


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Click Here to see information about the New Age Occult Movement.


Pedophilia in the White House?


Notice how what Aleister Crowley teaches correlates with the homosexual/bisexual/lesbian agenda in that they both deny the existence of God and have a great hatred for God and scoff at any established moral boundaries.


He himself  was a known sexual deviant who was an active bisexual/homosexual and who taught his own law of  do as thou wilt, a law which completely rejects any established moral  boundaries. Which again is in line with what the purported  New Age Occult Movement and the homosexual/bisexual movement embraces.