Although I don’t agree with a number of views and videos and the information contained in the videos this individual puts out.I find this video revealing and compelling considering what’s happening in society right before our eyes.


Much of what’s being emphasized in the video is actually playing itself out now.As it relates to efforts to destroy Christianity both true and false.While at the same time working to garner support and acceptance of perverse sexual behavior of all forms.


The promotion of witchcraft and demon worshipping.The promotion of civil unrest,etc.As individuals and common citizens are funded by groups and wealthy individuals to promote and engage in the civil unrest.


Not to mention the fact this gentleman touches on a subject I have written about in several articles as it relates to many of these politicians and  even some world leaders being involved in perverted sexual behavior,while being held captive by it through threats of exposure,if they don’t continue to participate and even work to further even more abominable evil practices and behavior.


This video goes into detail about the Illuminati and it’s origins and practices.And it’s hard to argue with it when you consider much of what’s being revealed is actually happening right now.


The Rothchild’s may very well be involved in promoting Blockchain/Crypto currency as the next currency they can use to gain global control of nations.A subject I touched on in a previous article.You can read that article below.The coming Antichrist may very well be funded by the Rothschild’s to do their bidding as it relates to world domination.


Which is consistent with the goals of the Illuminati outlined in this video.And it’s all consistent with scripture emphasizing Satan is behind it all when you consider the Rothchild’s may be Luciferians and Satan worshippers as this video suggests.


These politicians who are being held captive by it need to come clean and expose it.You have money put away.But to  have your reputation tarnished is nothing compared to having your spiritual lives taken.God will forgive the past transgressions if repented of.But he wont forgive the cowardice and rebellion in the form of continued participation in it, resulting in the destruction of millions of physical and spiritual lives.


We must educate ourselves and pay close attention and keep our eyes wide open to world events.I pray that almighty God completely exposes them and completely destroys them and all of their evil efforts,if it is in fact true.



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