The IRS debacle has been getting a lot of press as of late, it is centered around accusations that the IRS intentionally and unfairly targeted tea party groups as well as many other conservative groups by denying them the right to file businesses under  tax exempt status. Essentially impeding all efforts by these groups and organizations to do so by making the process extremely difficult and intrusive. And burying those request and applications at the bottom of the pile, by basically being biased  and viewing request by conservative and religious  groups as much less important and urgent than similar request made by   far left  liberal groups.


A very alarming and disturbing situation that has shocked the nation and the world in general. In a democratic country where all people and organizations are to be treated fairly under the rule of law this is very disturbing and sounds eerily similar to the goals and agenda expressed by sexually perverse  groups and individuals like   well known homosexual activist Michael Bronski .   “All churches who condemn us will be closed… We shall sodomize your sons.… We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups…”  This  statement was made by Michael Bronski  in Boston’s Gay Community News in February 1987.


In this alarming and disturbing statement Mr, Bronski promises the homosexual community will close all churches that condemn the homosexual lifestyle, he also promises that homosexuals will sodomize your sons and seduce them in your schools, dormitories, gymnasiums, locker rooms, youth groups and in your sports arenas etc.


Thoughts of  Jerry Sandusky and the Boy Scouts Of America child sex abuse scandals come to mind when hearing those very alarming and disturbing statements. But what stands out are not only the threats made about sodomizing your sons whenever or wherever the opportunity presents itself, but to also close all Churches that condemn the vile, twisted sexual behavior, and by his own admission Mr Bronski says homosexuals desire to engage in which  includes child molestation. There have been several other sexually perverse groups that have voiced similar goals in that their objectives are to persecute, impede, and hinder any group that shared different views and or opposed them.


The prevailing theme and objectives are similar in nature persecute,hinder, and impede. This is not rocket science to me and is an obvious unmistakeable pattern and   attempt by the homosexual and lesbian community and movement to crush all opposition to their goals and agenda. Think about how the identifying traits, factors and goals are common in nature. What are the primary groups  for the most part who oppose homosexual marriage and the furthering of the homosexual agenda? You guessed it, conservative groups like the tea party and others, and religious groups. The primary groups that were targeted by the IRS, that makes you wonder what group stands to gain the most by persecuting , discriminating and impeding the progress of  conservative and religious groups courtesy of the IRS or by  any other means?



The primary problem stems from the fact that groups like the tea party movement and religious groups oppose and stand in their way of furthering their twisted, ungodly agenda for the legalization of homosexual and lesbian  marriage and the widespread acceptance of the perverse ungodly lifestyle. And anything else that falls in line with the far left democratic/liberal agenda. When you analyze the agenda much of which is in line with or supported by the homosexual/lesbian community, to be honest the democratic/liberal agenda begins to clearly reveal itself in many respects as  being consistent with the homosexual agenda and vice versa.




This is a classic example of the gradual and progressive destruction of basic American freedoms at it’s worst. At the hands of sexually perverse men and women in positions of power and influence no doubt. An obvious attempt by sexually perverse men and women in positions of power working to crush all opposition to their perverse goals and agenda, by any means necessary. Even if it means denying Americans their basic freedoms. This is something that I have been warning about for years.  Give these perverse groups a toe and they will take a foot, give them a foot and they will take a leg, give them a leg and they will take the torso until they have completely crushed every vestige of opposition to  the furthering of their filthy, twisted goals and agenda.


That is why it is of paramount importance that this perverse ungodly group and movement is never allowed to accomplish their twisted sick goal of the widespread legalization of homosexual and lesbian marriage. Once they acquire this type of power  they will keep pushing, and pushing, until all their goals which include legalizing pedophilia, and destroying the  freedoms of any individual or group that oppose them are realized. What you see as it relates to the IRS scandal is simply the beginning stages of the undermining of those basic American freedoms by these perverse ungodly groups. And I wouldn’t be surprised if  this corruption is traced right back to powerful  offices in the White House.


That’s why it is important that the ethics committees and other organizations who investigate and prosecute these matters work zealously and diligently to see that all parties involved in this disturbing affront to and undermining of  American freedom are held accountable no matter how powerful the position or office. It is probably more important that those in the most powerful offices and positions be held accountable because they set the standard by which all other individuals and groups should be judged. And the nation, other institutions and offices follow their lead and pattern themselves based on the examples that they themselves set. Examples of dishonesty, unethical behavior, and affronts to American freedom simply can’t be tolerated on any level much less in the highest offices in the country. The truth of the matter is this alarming and very disturbing debacle and affront to American freedom has homosexual agenda written all over it. And it stinks like rotten eggs.


By Donald Bohanon



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