The main stream media is now reporting that the hacks to Target and other companies may have originated from Russia based on information  they have received from a cyber security company, based on the fact that the cyber security company that NBC News has enlisted claims the virus was written in Russian? But are we to believe just because the virus was written in Russian means the  hacking originated from Russia and the perpetrators themselves were Russian? That’s just like saying a store was robbed by a Russian because the person who robbed the store spoke with a Russian accent, case closed! I’m not prepared to accept and believe wholeheartedly that because the hacking virus was written in Russian means the hackers were Russian themselves.


In the world of cyber crime this is no different for instance than a white bank robber  robbing a bank in a disguise that resembles a teenage black male, or a black bank robber robbing a bank in a disguise that resembles a middle aged white man, it’s called diversionary tactics, trusted and highly regarded cyber security firm, have you ever heard of diversionary tactics? Considering the fact that you are such an experienced,established, well respected cyber security firm as you say, and based on your wealth of knowledge about how deceptive these sophisticated hacking networks can be, certainly you would have taken this  into consideration?


What better way to direct attention from one country to another country than by claiming that the perpetrator of the crime was from that specific country that you want to direct attention to, or in this case created a virus in a language that was  native to that country? And why would a sophisticated Russian hacking network write the code in its native  language knowing if they were discovered all blame would be directed at them and the investigation could thereby be limited to a specific area or group making it much easier to arrest and convict the perpetrators? If all that’s needed to convince the American public that the hacking originated in Russia is by claiming that the virus was written in Russian, I feel sorry for this nation and the citizens of the nation based on how easily they can be duped.


I’m not trying to come across  like a supporter of everything Russian but I’m not convinced that it’s a shut and closed case just because the virus was written in Russian thus proving  the perpetrators of the crimes were themselves Russian, as this cyber security firm suggests. But  If I lived in America I would certainly want the authorities and the general public to think that, so what better way to accomplish it than by being a sophisticated American hacking network and writing the code in Russian as a diversionary tactic? Do you really expect rational human beings to believe, simply based on the claims of this cyber security firm, just because the hacking virus was written in Russian, means the hackers were Russian themselves? Shut and closed case! Are you really serious?


By Donald Bohanon




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