The recent slew of sexual harassment allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and others is taking center stage and is literally morphing into a witch hunt against heterosexual men in entertainment and other work professions in general.And although I find the allegations  sickening and disturbing.


I am equally If not more troubled that more allegations of sexual assault by homosexuals and lesbians in the entertainment industry,and other professions are not reported.The video above is primarily about  incidents of sexual assault and harassment by homosexual/pedophile actor Kevin Spacey.But in all honesty the disparity and inconsistency in news coverage is pathetic.


After all, there have been numerous accounts of sexual assault allegations by homosexuals/pedophiles that rarely if ever get any airtime.Many child actors have come forward with their claims of sexual harassment and assault, but instead those instances are just swept under the rug.It’s considered taboo in hollywood, and if you come out and expose the perpetrators that could literally end your career.


I’m convinced the witch hunt for heterosexual men in entertainment and other professions is being largely fueled by powerful homosexual/bisexual men and lesbian women in news media and hollywood ,etc, as a way to take the focus off of the many sexually exploitative acts of homosexuals/bisexuals, pedophiles and lesbians,against men,women and children,in entertainment and many other professions.Which is widespread and prevalent,but largely goes unreported. We know sexual harassment of women by men goes on, and has been going on, and is nothing new.And is sickening and repulsive.


The question is when will the liberal mainstream media begin to report with the same consistency and extensive coverage, the many instances of homosexual/bisexual and lesbian harassment and molestation, which is at epidemic levels in virtually all professions, but yet goes largely unreported?


The widespread reporting of sexual harassment by  heterosexual men in many respects is also done to shed the spotlight on it, while at the same time minimizing the even more offensive acts of homosexual harassment and molestation, that are equally as widespread and prevalent, and more offensive and repugnant,but goes largely unreported.


Magnify the sins of heterosexual men,while simultaneously taking the focus off of homosexual  men and lesbian women,and their many crimes and offenses, is,I’m convinced, the objective.When the focus is primarily on one specific group, it makes the equally as prevalent and widespread crimes of  the other  group seem small by comparison.And I believe this is the goal.


But I’m convinced nothing could be further from the truth.Homosexual/pedophile predatory behavior is equally as widespread and prevalent, the problem is many of the individuals who run these organizations, news media, entertainment,etc, are  secretly involved in the very same perverted behavior and activity themselves,And to report on it and shed the spotlight on it, would be like reporting about and shedding the spotlight on themselves.