Question:Is It A Sin Or Inappropriate To Like A Females Picture On Facebook?


Donald Bohanon: It depends if you are married and if you follow the like with some kind of overt sexual suggestion and or sexual advance,but to like a females photo would not be considered inappropriate if you are not married.And If you don’t have the wrong  intention as in sexual lust in your heart,etc.


I have female facebook  friends and have liked several pictures but I do it for two reasons primarily.One is to let the woman know I think it’s a nice picture because that can be uplifting because women are emotional creatures and feel good about themselves when you do like their picture.And that in turn can have a positive impact especially if the woman is having a bad day or feeling down.


I also do it to direct them to links that I post. But I have never approached a woman inappropriately or in a sexual manner and none of those friends can tell you that unless they’re lying. And if they do make those claims against anyone don’t believe it unless they provide proof to substantiate it because in this age of social media and technology there would be all kinds of  electronic footprints and proof to substantiate those claims.


But if you are liking photos as a form of compliment and admiration,or even if you compliment them verbally and you are not married and aren’t motivated by sexual lust,then no I don’t consider that inappropriate nor is it condemned by scripture.