Question: You Use A Lot Of Big Words In Your Articles What Do You Do Google The Definition For The Meaning?


Donald Bohanon: What kind of question is that? It sounds more like a thinly veiled insult/slick diss as opposed to a valid question. First of all, the words I use in my opinion don’t necessarily fit the definition of big words, some maybe but not all. And secondly, at least 99.99% of the words I use I know the meaning of those words before I use them.


I will admit though, I do on occasion google a term or two after I have posted the article just to be absolutely sure the definition of the term is correct, to insure it is properly used in a specific sentence or paragraph. But besides that, no I don’t google the term first, and at least 99.99% of the time I know the meaning of the words before I post the articles.