Question: In your audio “Are You Really Born Again”? you say that you aren’t married. My question is why not? And what type of woman are you attracted to?


Donald Bohanon: Im not married because I have never been involved with a woman who I felt would be a good fit in terms of marriage. And right now the bar is set a little bit higher from a spiritual perspective.


The type of woman who would interest me must have a healthy fear of and knowledge of God or at least have a strong desire to know him and willingness to obey him. She must also love the truth when she hears it and not try to reason around it.


A woman who rejects clear biblical information and instruction to embrace a religion that supports,promotes and  caters more to hypocrisy, tells me a lot about who she really is,and that obviously wouldn’t be a good fit.



She must also be able to think for herself that is very important to me. A woman who allows her thoughts and actions to be manipulated by negative outside influences, by individuals who don’t have her best interest in mind, also tells me a lot about the woman in terms of her wisdom,knowledge,mental strength and stability. Wisdom intelligence and humility are also attractive traits. She must also love and embrace her femininity and not feel threatened by my masculinity. 


So a fear of God. A knowledge of God or strong desire to know God. A love for God’s truth. Wisdom,intelligence and humility.The ability to think for herself are all very important characteristics in my book. Of course beauty would be somewhere down on the list and an added bonus but not the most important quality.