Question:  I Find The Information You Put Out Very Informative And Educational Why Haven’t You Posted An Audio In Over A Year?


Donald Bohanon: I feel I have provided enough information to educate about the really important issues to God. Issues and topics that are not addressed by many self proclaimed ministers. There may also be issue regarding plagiarism,false unlearned ministers in so many words stealing information and making their congregations think they themselves have received some direct revelation from God.


That is very dangerous because it draws attention to false representatives of God and Christ, who teach many forms of false soul destroying doctrines, that encourage and promote  hypocrisy and rebellion against the commandments and word of God as a whole.


Thereby leading the ignorant and unlearned astray and down paths of destruction. But I wont allow that to deter me,I will be  posting many more informative audios and eventually video in the very near future. And in regards to possible plagiarism if found to be true I will be exercising legal options if warranted.But more information in the form of audio and eventually video will be forthcoming.