Q&A: How Do You Respond To Those Who Say You Are Critical Of Prominent Ministers Because You Are Jealous Of Their Success And Wealth?


Donald Bohanon: That’s absolutely ridiculous.The issue I have with the ministers I’ve criticized is that they are greedy thieves,liars and con men,who are pocketing insane amounts of money at the expense of the ignorant and gullible.


By deceiving the masses as it relates to promoting false doctrines and teachings that are the complete opposite of what the Bible teaches.Teaching and promoting doctrines that promote and encourage hypocrisy and rebellion against God, his commandments,and the Bible as a whole.God discusses theses false ministers and their fate in 2 Peter 2:1-3 and in many other verses in scripture.


He says they make merchandise of their ignorant pawns and victims.In other words they are actively stealing the hard earned money of these deceived individuals.Many of them also proudly support and promote abominations like homosexuality,bisexuality,lesbianism etc,while twisting scripture and taking verses completely out of context in a deceptive effort to justify this abominable,ungodly,unbiblical behavior.


These are just some of the reasons I criticize them.Not because of their wealth and success,but because many of them are crooks,liars and slanderers.And this is why many are not transparent about their earnings because they are taking these poor,deceived,misguided souls to the cleaners while at the same time leading many of them to the Lake Of Fire.If they revealed how much they really earned they know people would probably be in an uproar and wonder why these false ministers are not doing more for the community with all the money they earn.


Some are even actively engaged secretly in perverse sexual behavior like bisexuality and homosexuality.They do all this evil and live in rank hypocrisy while still claiming to represent God.God strongly condemns these ministers and promises he is going to destroy them physically and spiritually very soon.


And when I say soon that’s in relation to God’s time knowing a thousand years is like a day to God.For the majority of them God is not their God….but money and perverted sex, lust and desires are.Many of them lie and slander incessantly but whimper like babies when the “truth” is exposed about them.


I have never been a jealous person in regards to anyone regardless of what some may claim.Because I know who I am and I’m confident in the abilities God has blessed me with.I have given and helped more people than people will ever know.I just don’t broadcast my good works to the world as some do.But do them in secret as I’m commanded to do by scripture.But they will never talk about the good works I’ve done and how a few repaid that kindness with treachery.


Godly,generous,caring people are not envious,jealous people,the two can’t coexist.Because you desperately want me to be jealous of you in a deceptive effort to make yourself appear relevant and superior in some way, doesn’t mean I’m jealous,simply because you desperately want me to be jealous.People with those twisted mindsets are normally the real jealous ones.


It’s also important to point out some of these ministers have subtly offered me money to go along with them,and support what they support, and teach what they teach.But that will never happen because I would be lying and deceiving people for money and material gain and I know their fate.More importantly what they are doing is evil and selfish.


They can offer me millions of dollars and I wont take it because I know what God’s word says in terms of it’s condemnation of these ministers.They are on borrowed time.Jealousy has never been an issue with me in regards to anyone,because money and material things, at this point in my life,are not that important to me in terms of misleading the ignorant and robbing the poor to get it.


And I know who I am and I’m confident in the abilities God has blessed me with.The truth of the matter is many of these individuals who claim I am jealous of them are in reality jealous and have been jealous of me and my potential and it has always been that way for most of my adult life.That includes friends,(“family”) and foe.


But many of these liars like 99% of them don’t know me at all and I have never even had a conversation with them but yet they claim to know me and that I’m jealous or have been jealous them.It’s ridiculous.Quite the contrary, I’m not jealous of them,many of them (not necessarily ministers exclusively) are jealous of me. I actually feel sorry for them to some degree because I know their fate and I know they are on borrowed time.


Their money and material possessions mean nothing to me and I would throw it back in their faces if they ever directly offered it to me under those conditions.The suggestion that I am jealous of anyone is absolutely ridiculous,insane,outright dishonest, and a lie from the twisted mind of Satan as he uses these false ministers and others like them to broadcast that pathetic Satanic lie.


Cars,gold,houses,and other material possessions are fleeting and wont mean anything when you are breast stroking at super sonic speed trying to find a less excruciating spot or area in the Lake Of Fire after being cast into it.


I’m just not a jealous kind of individual.That’s for individuals who lack confidence and Godly character.But many of the ones who claim I’m jealous of them are in reality jealous of me.Jealousy is not and has never been apart of who I am.The suggestion is stupid,false and ridiculous.