I’m certainly not a proponent of mass illegal immigration nor am I against immigration reform for those immigrants who are here  as a result of  being used by big corporations for the sole purpose of cheap labor.To generate bigger more profitable bottom lines for those  major corporations.By paying thousands of illegal workers less than minimum wage and working them excessively under slave labor conditions.


To then  send those same illegals back across the border after they no longer have a use for them.And after those illegals have established families here in the states is something I think is repugnant and is really consistent with America’s long history of building wealth off of the backs and hard labor of the poor and disenfranchised.Make the big corporations foot the bill in terms of providing jobs and shelter for the illegals considering they are in large part responsible for the dilemma.But ultimately you have to do what’s best for the country and the American people.


Something else I find very disturbing is the media’s portrayal of illegals as being filthy, lice infested and disease ridden, something I believe amounts to blatant lies and slander, something that will be judged harshly by God. If  you were restricted to  squalid  living  conditions simply due to extreme poverty and for no other reason,you probably would have higher rates of disease and other infections as well as problems with oral hygiene.


I’m convinced it has more to do with impoverished circumstances as opposed to personal choice or or lack of oral hygiene. Which is something the media seems to be deceptively suggesting and promoting.So to broadcast that narrative, worldwide, without an explanation as to why it is, or may be, is just evil and borderline racist in my opinion.


With that being said I am a born American and love my country, no  other country provides and offers the opportunities that America offers.That’s why so many people from other countries are scampering to get  here.So although not perfect,I wouldn’t live any place else in the world. I love my country I just hate the moral direction it’s taking because I know where it’s heading.And I know how costly its going to be in terms of lost lives both physical and spiritual, and property. It’s the twisted, backwards leaders of the nation, and some of the citizens that I have a problem with, and where they are leading the nation, not the nation itself.


But what is quite apparent and obvious to me, and  equally repugnant and offensive is what the Obama Administration is obviously doing in terms of allowing the mass influx of illegals, who they then hope to process and allow to stay here as a way to ultimately work to further their destructive anti God agenda. The democratic/liberal party gains enormously from massive voting blocks, benefiting  from the use of entitlements because those large voting blocks will vote for whoever is providing those entitlements, which will simply be the democratic/liberal party.


The democratic/liberal party will then use those massive voting blocks to insure the election of key democratic/liberal officials who share their same perverse anti God views and agenda.To insure the  furthering and establishing of their nation undermining, anti God agenda, much of which includes helping to further the homosexual/pedophile agenda, as well as furthering the bogus man made climate change agenda.


The Climate Change Agenda something  liberals will use as another way of  greatly increasing their wealth. Due to the hundreds billions of dollars in annual funding they will receive to find solutions to a crisis that simply doesn’t exist. Much of the funding which will be pocketed by skewing the numbers and cooking the books, funds which will then be diverted to use in other areas. For example… in the form of using that money to buy political influence to assist in passing and enacting newer more destructive liberal laws and policies, pro homosexual/pedophile laws and policies.


I’m convinced that virtually everything Obama is working to accomplish is about  furthering his twisted anti God agenda and establishing complete control.This becomes quite apparent when you thoroughly analyze his appointments, policies and actions.And is quite consistent with his past dubious behavior. For example the IRS Scandal which resulted by IRS Officials intentionally preventing conservative groups from attaining tax exempt status, but allowing liberal groups to easily attain the same tax exempt status. Not to mention  the thousands of possibly incriminating IRS emails just vanishing in the midst of an IRS investigation.As well as the  Benghazi debacle, and what about the NSA’s terrible abuse of power under the Obama Administration? Just to name a few. 


Democrats/Liberals working to force their twisted, perverse agenda on ignorant and unwilling citizens by working to secure absolute power and control becomes quite obvious when you thoroughly analyze and evaluate their policies, actions and appointments. And the policy of turning a blind eye to the steady influx of illegals across the border I’m convinced  has more to do with the Obama Administration working to further that anti God agenda by increasing the democratic/liberal voting base through mass illegal immigration, as opposed to a newfound concern and compassion by Obama and his administration for the poor and disenfranchised.


By Donald Bohanon