Pastor Robert Jeffress effectively shuts down a false, abominable,homosexual minister in a discussion about the validity of  homosexuality.Pastor Jeffress was absolutely right in condemning the false, and abominable,homosexual ministers comparison of  the plight of homosexuals,with that of blacks and other minorities.


They have nothing and at all in common and can in no way be compared and is something I as a black man take great,great offense to.While also setting Satan’s minister straight in emphasizing that God’s word  does not change,by clearly pointing out that the false minister was twisting and distorting God’s word to promote abominable behavior that God and his word strongly and powerfully condemn.


And although I differ with Pastor Jeffress on a number of topics as it relates to Christianity.He does comes across as a  good and decent man, a bit misinformed and misguided about specific biblical issues.


But a decent man nevertheless. I just want to emphasize that I don’t have a dislike for the Pastor  and I never have,or any other Pastor who believes differently I just happen to disagree with him on specific biblical issues.And incidentally,for the record,God  did condone slavery but the slavery God condoned was primarily in the context of a hired servant.


He also,in other cases,condoned the enslavement of godless, barbaric peoples and nations, as way to insure those nations didn’t rebuild and pick up where they left off.With the practicing and promoting of abominable evil and perversions.And also as punishment for the harsh enslavement they had imposed on the nations they had conquered.God also instructed Israel to treat those slaves fairly and with compassion as opposed to harshly,like those wicked nations and peoples had treated their slaves and others.


God’s View On Slavery 1

God’s View On Slavery 2