It’s being reported by some news sources and websites that Dylann Roof was allegedly fed  Burger King by Police Officers (of all people) after he was arrested. And if this is really the case it may speak volumes about the racial attitudes of many in the deep south including many on the police force. I just recently, briefly touched on the subject of deep racial hatred, that’s  secretly festering in many  southern states. In a recent article entitled “Epic Texas Flooding, A Blessing And A Curse”?. Racial hatred which in reality is actually growing much worse and not getting better.


Due to many sites like Mad World News and Western Journalism for instance. Racist sites that masquerade as conservative sites and  stir up racial hatred by promoting a disproportionate amount of negative images, stereotypes and stories, of blacks and hispanics primarily. In a deceptive and intentional effort to further promote and cultivate ignorance. And to further ignite the flames of racial hatred against blacks and other minorities. The recent killing of nine black people  (in a place of worship of all places) by Dylann Roof a deranged racist and white supremacist.  A young man who once again went into a place of worship,  and ruthlessly gunned down nine black people, which included a grandmother, while those victims were praying. Is simply another example of  the hidden racial hatred that’s secretly festering in this country. Racism is like a ravaging disease in society.


It’s pure evil, satanic in nature, and it creates an insanity in its own right. That motivates those who are influenced and led by the racism, to carry out some of the most disturbing forms of violence and atrocity. A fact that has been proven by historical accounts of the brutality and barbarism that has been carried out by the hands of racist and terrorist organizations like the KKK and Nazis, just to name a few. The hatred and brutality, that has resulted throughout history as a result of racial hatred, has been  unfathomable to say the least. That’s why God hates and despises it so much, and is why it needs to be completely eradicated from every facet of society. And this cold blooded slaying of nine black people who appear to be innocent at first glance. At the hands of a brainwashed, disturbed, deranged racist, is just another example of that.


The fact that this mass murderer was then allegedly treated to a whopper with possibly a side order and a drink is equally as disturbing. What member of law enforcement treats a mass murderer to lunch or dinner after he has a killed nine people, unless those members of law enforcement maybe, possibly, feel sympathetic to the plight of the killer, and maybe, possibly, share the same twisted ideological views as the killer in one way or another? In the eyes of some, police officers treating a racist, mass murderer, to lunch or dinner, can in many respects be misconstrued and possibly viewed as a symbolic pat on the back. A type of acknowledgement of a job well done, in a racist and racially tense environment.    


As I briefly covered in the article “Epic Texas Flooding, A Blessing And A Curse”?  Racial hatred is indeed still alive and well in this country and in reality is worse than it’s ever been, in many areas of the nation. And is secretly growing and festering.  And the unwarranted, unprovoked slaughter, of nine innocent black men and women  in a South Carolina Church at the hands of a deranged  racist. A deranged, mass murderer and racist, who was then allegedly fed burger king by law enforcement, may further support that statement. It’s a racial hatred that God sees as well and is disgusted by and  fuming because of it.  I understand by knowing God’s word, and knowing and understanding his character, that he is poised to slaughter America because of its promotion of sexual perversions, sorcery, and because of its festering and growing racial hatred. America simply wont survive as a nation until these issues are addressed as quickly as possible.


The continued discrimination and persecution of blacks and other minorities in virtually every facet of society is a major problem with God.  And it’s not some imagined fairy tale its real and God knows it, and he knows that you know it. He is about to judge it and punish it. If  it’s not immediately addressed it is going to exact a  terrible cost on America and it’s citizens. I honestly believe  that most black officers wouldn’t have fed a black man who killed nine white people  burger king if he had committed the same atrocity. But  instead would have taken him straight to lock up if the shoe were on the other foot. The fact that law enforcement would feed a mass murderer burger king in my opinion may speak volumes about the racist attitudes that exist in many parts of the nation, and in the south in particular. As well as the racist attitudes that exist in the ranks of law enforcement itself. 


America and its leadership will either immediately address these critical social issues head on, or eventually face the full wrath of God head on. Change is going to come or total annihilation is going to come. Change is going to come and not by creating racist militias to fight against other racist militias, that will only result in anarchy and mass destruction both physical and spiritual  for all those who promote violence as solutions. Violence, racial hatred and oppression,are not solutions to violence, racial hatred and oppression. There is only one power that can make this situation right and I can tell you he is now prepared to do just that, as he powerfully works through those servants he has chosen. Not by might and not by power but by my spirit saith the lord God of host. Not by human might and power but by God’s power, the power of  God’s Holy Spirit is what that verse means. This is what God is emphasizing.  And I’m convinced you will understand the significance of that verse in the very near future.  


Zechariah 4:6

New International Version (NIV)

So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.




 By Donald Bohanon