Ahh, Michelle Obama, so eloquent, and well spoken.The Democratic National Convention 2012 got off to a rousing start with Michelle Obama’s  stirring speech, and I must say it was well structured and delivered, and prompted rousing applause from the audience at times. 


The speech was focused on painting a picture of President Obama as a caring, and concerned person, who has the the best interest of the common man and hard working American in mind.


The First Lady’s speech was primarily focused on painting a picture of  a President who came from very humble beginnings. She spoke about times when the President would pick her up and take her out to eat or to certain functions in a rusted out car.


Or how they both came from homes of meager means. But despite of all  that, the lack of money and material things,  they still managed to become the successful individuals they are, based on the values that were instilled in them both, from their parents at a young age.


The First Lady delivered a very emotional speech that actually had me a bit teary eyed from time to time. It all sounded so good but regardless of  how well delivered and rousing the speech was, it does not change the fact that the economy is in a mess, and millions of Americans are still out of work, and suffering in so many areas because of it. That is a fact that the best speeches with the most powerful deliveries wont change.


President Obama may have good  intentions, he may really believe in his heart that his direction is the best direction. And truthfully I don’t have a problem with some of  his policies because some of them do appear to have the best interest of the impoverished, middle class  and hard working American in mind.


But the most important, crucial aspect of his overall policy, and the horrendous spiritual and physical impact that it will have on this nation, is his support for and efforts to legalize homosexual/bisexual and lesbian  marriage. This is something that he does not get, and is something that is going to be very costly to this nation and to him ultimately.


And Michelle’s repeated reference to “it does not matter who you love” in her speech last night is obviously a sign that she is in total agreement with his views regarding this issue. But it does not change the fact that it’s behavior that’s extremely offensive to God for all the filthy obvious reasons.


And is one of the primary reasons why this nation is being cursed with all manner of  destructive weather events and economic trouble. It is actually one of  the primary reasons why the U.S. will be completely brought to its knees by drought, famine, disease, and ultimately destroyed by nuclear annihilation from an invading military force.


Many will scoff at this but the writing is on the wall. Anyone with some basic common sense should be able to see that this nation is in serious trouble and it is getting much worse. The fact of the matter is no matter how beneficial a politician or public figure believes their direction or  policies are, if  those policies are contrary to the word and will of God it will quickly, depending on the severity of the transgression, ultimately collapse like a straw hut in a hurricane.


Let this message resonate…there is no nation that will prosper long term in total defiance of the living God. America will continue to plummet like a meteor regardless of who holds the office of  President, if this crucial physically and spiritually destructive issue is not addressed.


No matter how powerful,emotional, and stirring a speech or a persons conviction about the direction they have chosen to lead a nation or an individual. If that direction is contrary to the word and will of God it is doomed to fail, and will be destroyed by the very God who opposes it.


The Presidents and First Lady’s strong belief in a direction that is contrary to everything God represents and stands for will only lead this nation further down a path of destruction, and is merely expediting it’s fall as a nation.


That’s the sad part and is something that they are completely oblivious to. Despite how well intentioned they appear to be, it simply wont matter at all, when it’s all said and done. When your well intentioned policies and  direction are abhorrent and greatly offensive to God it does matter, it’s doomed to fail. Let’s hope and pray that the President and First Lady come to accept, embrace, and act on this  biblical truth and  fact before it’s too late.