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By Donald Bohanon–Added  May 5,2018


Karl Guttenberg– former “German Defense Minister” and once prominent German political figure has resurfaced after his exile to the U.S.-Mr. Guttenberg was shamed after a doctrinal thesis he wrote was  eventually found to be plagiarized/copied.


The embarrassment and distrust he suffered eventually resulted in his departure from his country “Germany” and the political arena. But, he has now resurfaced, with some strong opinions about the present economic climate,like economic tariffs,etc, among other things. One of which is his strong criticism of “German Chancellor—Angela Merkel” and what he describes as her weak leadership.


Karl Guttenberg is an  intelligent and articulate man who reportedly speaks several different languages fluently.The Bible says a strong man will eventually arise in Germany and unite the German people and the European Union more profoundly. The Bible says he will eventually embark on a campaign of world domination.


He will be very charismatic,appealing and convincing. Mr. Guttenberg,it’s also been reported, has argued for a stronger German military presence in trouble spots around the world.As well as a more influential position for Germany in foreign policy affairs.


He certainly seems to fit the description of a strong, charismatic leader, who is prophesied to rise in Germany and on the world scene.The Bible says this man will eventually be heavily influenced by a major false religious figure in the end times.This religious figure will be instrumental in determining  the foreign policy direction this man takes.And the military objectives he will undertake.I would be interested to know how strong his relationship is with the Pope–if any.


In light of the shame and embarrassment he was subjected to in his country–will establishing a relationship with a loved, and adored religious figure,be just what he needs to endear himself to, and re-establish the trust of the German people?To accomplish his underlying ambitions,political goals and objectives? He claims to have no interest in running for political office, but how many times have we heard that, only for it to be later proven false?


He is also reported to be seriously invested in “blockchain technology” and  “crypto currency” and is encouraging many companies to get involved with it.And presently has many companies financially invested. The Bible says this charismatic leader will exercise major influence over world leaders.Could his efforts in working tirelessly to promote and advance “block chain technology” and “crypto currency” be part of a process by which he works to garner that major influence and eventually force compliance.By using it as a form of financial blackmail by possibly using it to force  the shutdown of financial institutions.After countries and financial institutions  have become dependent on it?


The fact that the possibility exists that blockchain  technology has the ability to be controlled by an entity and or small group of individuals from a central location.That can directly effect and impact every nation (literally shutdown any nation which has signed on and is non compliant to a set of rules or an ultimatum) is very troubling and is something that should never be allowed to happen.I think it’s also important to point out this system of buying and selling which is outlined in the Bible will be a cashless system.And block chain-crypto currency is a cashless system as well. 


I actually wrote the last part of the previous paragraph before I came across the last video.But the gentleman’s statements in the last video are very interesting and are something to be considered.Considering he’s saying pretty much the same thing.Keep your eyes open and pay attention!!! Watch!!


IT WOULD BE FOOLISH to allow implementation of such a system of financial control to ever come to fruition!!! The last part of the last video where the gentlemen expounds on Daniel 8:23 where it says this man will be skilled in the art of understanding dark sentences/sinister schemes is interesting as well.Not to mention Revelation 13:16-18.In other words, he will be very diabolical and calculating in terms of his ability to set financial traps and traps in general.Among other diabolical schemes.


Mr. Guttenberg recently stated in an interview that the outcome of the U.S.presidential election has given him a new perspective.I would assume some of what he means is in relation to how President Trump was elected irrespective of all the bad publicity that surrounded him.


I think he may feel if  President Trump can be elected under such harsh circumstances, his chances of being elected as  Chancellor of Germany should be a shoe in.Considering he is still relatively popular among German citizens


The question is –is this man really the prophesied strong leader that is set rise in Europe?Only time will tell.But one things for certain–he certainly fits the biblical description in many ways.He needs to be watched and closely monitored.No one really knows who this man will be, until prophetic events begin to unfold.That’s why we need to watch him and few others closely.


Another important factor to consider is all Bible prophesy about the punishment of  the U.S. is all directly related to America’s abominable sins.According to scripture,the only way to insure America wont be the recipient of God’s coming wrath and vengeance is to depart from the abominable sins God warns us about.This coming world dictator–this strong man of Europe, is prophesied to be a tool God uses to severely punish the U.S. (by allowing  Satan to powerfully influence him) and other nations for their abominable sins. But personally if I  were that man I  wouldn’t fulfill that destiny, when you understand how it all turns out for him.


I would run from it if I were him.Like my physical and spiritual life depended on it.Because they do. America needs to work aggressively to insure certain terribly offensive behaviors that greatly anger God are corrected.This man also, it’s reported, has a dislike for President Trump and some of his policies.America is prophesied to be brought to its knees by internal curses and plagues and eventually Nuclear Annihilation in a surprise sneak attack from a trusted foreign power.


An event will soon take place to convince you I speak for God in hopes you will believe the message I’m delivering and take the necessary steps to prevent this coming calamity on America.It wont be of the destructive magnitude of three category 4 hurricanes.But it will be profound to prove God exists,is growing impatient,and expects to see progress and expedited changes.It will be focused on one specific part of the country. Stay Tuned.




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BERLIN (Reuters) – No German politician of the post-war era has had such a meteoric rise, and precipitous fall from grace, as Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, the Bavarian baron who fled Berlin for New York in 2011, his career in tatters over accusations of plagiarism.


Former German Defence Minister and member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg answers reporters’ questions during a joint news conference with European Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes, on the launch of Europe’s “No Disconnect Strategy”, in Brussels December 12, 2011. REUTERS/Thierry Roge
At his peak in 2009, when he served as economy and then defense minister, Guttenberg was seen as a potential successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel. A private meeting between the two in the chancellery earlier this month has fed talk of comeback.


Guttenberg’s youthful charisma and readiness to speak out on controversial issues, from the war in Afghanistan to the rescue of carmaker Opel, made him the darling of a German media fed up with Merkel’s colorless caution.


Germany had never seen a politician like him. A descendant of Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor in the late 18th century, Guttenberg attended AC/DC concerts at night, had a glamorous wife, and could point to a family of Nazi resisters — his grandfather is said to have narrowly escaped execution after saying that he’d rather kill SS officers than Jews.


When Guttenberg stepped down in March 2011 amid evidence he had copied large sections of his doctoral thesis, his exit was greeted with dismay, even by members of the leftist opposition. Merkel accepted his resignation with a “heavy heart”.


Since leaving Germany two years ago, Guttenberg has lived with his wife Stephanie — a great-great grand daughter of the first German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck — and two daughters in the wealthy New York suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut.


He is a non-resident “distinguished statesman” at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington and serves as ambassador for a European Commission initiative to promote internet freedom.


But until recently, he had kept a relatively low profile in Germany, returning home “rather frequently but very silently”, he told Reuters in a recent telephone interview.


That changed earlier this month with the one-hour “secret” meeting with Merkel in the Chancellery, which leaked to the media. What the two discussed remains a mystery, but the encounter was seen by some as a test of the public mood for a Guttenberg comeback.


Guttenberg declined to talk about the Merkel meeting and dismissed speculation of a return.

“I’m very happy over here,” he told Reuters. “I’m finally diving into topics where a politician always pretends to have knowledge but usually doesn’t have any.”


If he is thinking of returning, Guttenberg is going about it in an interesting way. In a series of Op-Eds over the past year, he has openly criticized Merkel and her government on a range of foreign and security policy issues.


In late 2012 he took Berlin to task in the Financial Times for blocking the merger of Franco-German aerospace and defense group EADS and Britain’s BAE Systems, calling the failed deal a “missed opportunity of historic proportions”.


Last August, in the wake of a chemical weapons attack in Syria, he penned a piece in the New York Times denouncing Germany’s “culture of reluctance” on military engagements.


His message — that Germany should assume more responsibility in international affairs — is not one that Germans are used to hearing from politicians at home, and the article sparked a fierce backlash in the national media.


“It was meant to be a wake up call,” said Guttenberg.

He says his time in the United States has given him new perspective on Germany and its “inward looking” politics.


“The big difference I’ve sensed from over here is that expectations (of Germany) are actually much higher than is accepted in Berlin — on foreign and security policy but also economically.”


Guttenberg isn’t shy about criticizing German politicians on domestic matters either. In the interview, he faulted his own party, the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), for its populist call, during recent coalition talks with Merkel, for national referendums on major EU decisions.


“I wonder whether it’s the right signal,” he said.

It was this kind of straight-talk — in a consensus-driven country that has often seemed to eshew open political debate under Merkel — that made Guttenberg, at his peak, one of Germany’s most popular politicians.


Can he rehabilitate himself?

One problem is that Guttenberg has never really accepted the plagiarism charge, even after the University of Bayreuth, which awarded him a Ph.D. in 2006, ruled he had “extensively violated academic standards and intentionally cheated.”


In Germany, politicians are expected to be above reproach and Guttenberg would have a tough time winning back the support of a German media that feels burned and betrayed by the man they made a star.


But time has a way of healing old wounds, and Guttenberg is only 41 years old.

A year ago, CSU leader Horst Seehofer, promised to bring him back to Germany after the September 2013 federal election.


The natural place for him to relaunch his career, would be Bavaria, where his family traces its roots back to the 12th century and still lives in a castle it has owned since 1482.


“He can’t return now — the memory of the mother of all plagiarisms is still too sharp in people’s minds,” said Juergen Falter, a political scientist at Mainz University.


“But could it happen in a few years from now? Sure, it’s possible. Guttenberg is still very popular, even among some Social Democrats. You have to go back to a young Helmut Schmidt to find a German politician with his charisma.”


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