The Homosexual,Lesbian,Pedophile And Transgender Community Facing Serious Backlash As A Result Of Their Own Evil Actions.



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Unprecedented Mass Homosexual/Pedophile Worldwide Indoctrination Of Children Underway Unbeknownst To The General Public.


The Homosexual Deviant Plan For The Widespread Sexual Brainwashing And Indoctrination Of Children In Schools Ramps Up:California Votes To Overhaul Sex Ed Guidelines For Public Schools To Include LGBT Issues.


Widspread Massive Homosexual Molestation Of Underage Boys In The Boy Scouts Of America:Boy Scouts ‘Perversion Files’ List 7,800 Suspected Pedophiles


A Spike In Measles Cases Across The Country.


Homosexual Child Molestation Has Always Been Rampant And Pervasive In Society But Only Overlooked And Hidden By The Liberal Mainstream Media.

Kim Kardashian West Worked To Free 17 Prisoners In The Last Three Months.


Although I don’t agree with many of her views, I am, as I’m sure many others are, impressed by her efforts in securing the release of several prisoners who were either wrongfully convicted or received excessive jail time in relation to the crimes committed.


She appears to be evolving from a T.V. and instagram celebrity to a fighter for justice and for the rights of the disenfranchised and wrongfully convicted,or those who have been convicted with excessive jail time in relation to their crimes..And the way she goes about it in a humble and low key fashion,without much fanfare.


Actually transforming the lives of many for the better under the radar makes you stand up and take notice.And although some things require a direct and blunt approach, a modest low key approach can be equally as effective when applied to the right circumstance.I’ve never really been a fan of any celebrity because many of them come across as phony,arrogant,politically correct and versed.


In other words most of them are careful and mindful to choose the right words or support the right politically correct causes so as not to offend specific individuals and groups.


Kim Kardashian’s approach in relation to this controversial issue is a little different, and bit risky, considering the backlash she could face.But yet she keeps plowing forward and has made this a very important personal cause in her life.And that’s admirable. 


The Liberal Fascist Jack Boot Underpinnings And Actions Of Alexandria Ocasio Cortes And Other Radical Fascist Liberal Progressives.

We don’t necessarily agree with all the views the gentleman expresses on his channel.But this particular video is concerning and speaks volumes in my opinion about the way the so called liberal/progressives seek to govern if they ever secure power.


Many of the liberal/progressives who seek to implement a socialist and or fascist agenda.If you disagree with their agenda and views (even if what you espouse is honest and truthful and supported by the facts) you must be silenced.

Q&A:To Whom Do You Attribute Your Knowledge,Wisdom And Knowledge Of Scripture?


Question:To Whom Do You Attribute Your Knowledge,Wisdom And Knowledge Of Scripture?


Donald Bohanon: To God.God gets all the credit.The Bible says the fear of God is the beginning of  wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding…Proverbs 9:10..


This is not necessarily a shot at my family but to be truthful I can’t attribute it to my immediate family because my father wasn’t around and many of my other family members have actually fought against my success in one way or another.And really wanted to see me fail and that still applies today.


So not only have I had to deal with outside opposition,but I have had to deal with opposition from many immediate family members as well.And some may even be trying to take credit for my work here on this site and other projects while falsely trying to represent themselves as righteous and spiritually and biblically knowledgeable.


But in reality are some of the biggest hypocrites and biblically ignorant people I know.Me and God working together as God works through me alone(and no one else) provide the biblical knowledge,wisdom and spiritual discernment,I provide and offer on this site.With the exception of the information offered by some of God’s true churches that I post periodically on this site.


And to be honest many of those immediate family members are not wise and are very limited in knowledge but rather try to exalt themselves and desire to be praised and glorified because of their very limited knowledge..And will often seek to exalt themselves spiritually while having little to no knowledge or obedience to scripture.But I still love them,these are just some of the things the righteous must endure.


But they do well to consider God will not even spare family members when it comes to the persecution of his servants..Galatians 5:10.So it could have only come from God considering most other potential sources acted as roadblocks and impediments in many ways.It didn’t come from my father,mother,uncles,brothers etc.Because instead of offering crucial and beneficial knowledge many of them would act as roadblocks to that knowledge.


I can only assume because they didn’t want me to move forward and outshine them.Or come across as appearing smarter or more knowledgeable than them.But many being blinded by their own wickedness can’t see those are the kinds of individuals God works through.


The good and decent who are  hated oppressed and despised.Not the proud,arrogant and unyielding…James 4:6..That’s the only logical reason I can come up with.But that is the complete opposite of the kind of person I am.So dealing with that can be a bit frustrating and challenging as well.Because as you can see I freely share knowledge and insight at no cost.


But I must also attribute some of my biblical knowledge as it relates to the importance of doctrine/following the commandments and word of God as a whole to the true churches of God.But you can say that comes from God as well because he provided them with the information to give to me and others.


But it’s equally as important to understand I have learned just as much or even more studying scripture myself.As God has directly revealed much spiritual knowledge to me as I’ve studied his word..But yes my knowledge,wisdom and knowledge of God, all come directly from God.


Because before I was born he created in me the ability to grasp and learn these things.And led me to many of the things that aided me in acquiring that wisdom and knowledge.And because the fear of God produces these things in that it puts you in a humble state of mind, a child like mindset,where God can reveal deeper spiritual knowledge to the person who is fearful and yielded to God and his purpose.