Question: Why Don’t You As A Christian Man Address Many Of Donald Trumps Lies And Sins?


Donald Bohanon: I’m not here to address or judge what he may have done while he wasn’t in office nor to aggressively scrutinized missteps he’s made while in office. I don’t see how what he did as a common citizen is relevant now.Not to mention the fact that we are all human and make mistakes…right?


I find liberals very hypocritical as it relates to Donald Trump and his transgressions.But when it comes to a Democrat/Liberal all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God!”No one is perfect,you never know what a person is going through so don’t judge!!”  “No one is perfect and we are commanded to forgive not judge the sinner!”This is what they emphasize when it comes to Democrat/Liberals and as it relates to themselves.


They judge continuously and in unrighteousness,wickedness and hypocrisy, and only when it’s convenient for them or suits their purpose.And definitely as it relates to Donald Trump.They love to shed the light on the slightest missteps by this President and magnify them but very seldom if ever apply that same self righteous, hypocritical judgment and scrutiny to their own lives, and the lives of other Democrat/Liberals.


You don’t need me to judge or to promote mass hysteria as it relates to Donald Trump.The liberal media and many others have that covered in spades.These rabid, self righteous hypocrites and hypocritical judges,who in many cases are immersed in the vilest of  sins themselves,while calling those destructive,corrupting, abominations love and good,will be judged with the same judgment they mete out to others.


The Bible emphasizes destruction awaits those who judge others in wickedness and hypocrisy,being filthy and corrupt themselves,by living completely contrary to God’s word….Romans 2:1-3.Many of these individuals are secretly engaging in sin that would make what President Trump is accused of look like acts of virtue by comparison.


Where was all the self righteous, moral indignation and judgment,from the radical liberal left and the liberal media when former President Bill Clinton  took advantage of  a young,naive and star struck intern by receiving  oral copulation in the white house oval office? I even read somewhere that he squirted a disgusting glob of his baby batter on her modest attire during the sex act.I even recall reading that the stain’s still visible somewhere on those garments today.Boy,I’ll tell ya,those protein stains are tough to get out.Or what about the many accusers who claimed he raped them?Why wasn’t there a continuous never ending call for his impeachment?


Where was all the self righteous,moral indignation and judgment,from the radical liberal left and liberal media when Hillary Clinton destroyed her hard drives and had them acid washed in a possible effort to destroy critical incriminating information contained on those hard drives?Information that could have possibly led to her arrest and conviction.Or where was the outrage from the black community when Hillary Clinton presented a glaring praised filled eulogy for deceased  former KKK leader Robert Byrd?  These are just a few examples.


Some of these were actual ethical crimes and crimes.What crimes has President Trump actually committed? Some will say he’s under investigation but the investigation has yielded no damaging evidence as it relates to Donald Trump himself.And its been going on for more than a year. But yet it’s a topic of discussion practically every day on practically every liberal news network.How about just reporting about the matter when something is actually uncovered that could lead to a conviction or impeachment?


But no-they don’t want to do that and I’ll tell you why …because the continuous reporting about the matter is done to sway public opinion in an effort to influence the American public to vote Democrat/Liberal in the mid term elections and the primaries.That’s pretty much the crux of it. Their primary motivation is to once again to secure power so they can  promote the radical liberal left agenda of legalizing pedophilia.Promoting new twisted forms of gender identity. And teach those twisted perversions in elementary schools to children as a form of indoctrination.


Promote socialism/communism light.Continue to promote the filthy, infectious,corrupting homosexual lifestyle as beneficial and wholesome and a lifestyle to be embraced and something to aspire to.And the list goes on.I also find hypocritical some of these racists who often use terms like cracker,honky,white devil,peckerwood,red neck, etc,in public and in private and will let these racist terms roll off their tongues like water gushing from a faucet.


But will be so quick to label Donald Trump a racist when he uses a term like “S.O.B.” to describe protesting NFL Players.A term that I’m certain at least half of the American public has used at least once.Black,white,latino and asian alike.And in similar situations or settings.Based on how many times self righteous hypocrites  have uttered these statements they themselves can be considered (based on their own logic) even more racist than President Donald Trump (in many respects) who they have labeled a racist.He is not a politician so you can’t be surprised or shocked if he doesn’t speak or act like a politician.


He came straight from the business world and secured the office of the President and hasn’t been groomed in any matters relating to proper political etiquette.He’s actually learning about those things as he goes. He doesn’t have an extensive longstanding political career in politics where he was groomed to be the perfect politician and to behave and speak in a certain politically correct way.


As it relates to him lying I’m sure he’s probably told a few lies but he’s not a saint neither are you.He’s a business man with a business mans mentality as it relates to certain issues.May I ask have you ever told a lie?I’m not justifying his behavior just emphasizing he is not perfect no human being or President is or has been.And many have done much worse than him while in office.I’m sure he’s lied on occasion but all Presidents have lied.But I’m convinced a number of his statements have also been intentionally taken out of context.


Like for instance when he said there were good people on both sides in the clash of white nationalists and antifada.


That statement was immediately taken out of context in my opinion. I’m convinced what he meant (but didn’t articulate it as such) was there were people separate from those groups, who were good people and were not racist. But who were actually there,on both sides, protesting as well, but got caught up in the fracas.I think that’s the point he was trying to make.


At least that’s how I interpreted it.But the liberal media and the radical liberal left as well as brainwashed citizens and celebrities jumped on it and intentionally sought to take it completely out of context only because it was President Donald Trump who said it. 


I have never seen a President attacked like this President for even the smallest things while those things are magnified.But I’m convinced Satan is behind it but it could be God if he is defying the instruction provided.But I’m praying for his success if or as he does God’s will and I will continue to do so.But If he’s not focused in his heart on doing God’s will my prayers will probably fall on deaf ears.


The hypocrisy in many of their arguments is so blatant it’s ridiculous.This is the same Donald Trump that many black ,white and latino celebrities didn’t have a problem taking pictures with and rubbing elbows with before he became President.Many of those same celebrities would attend his functions and associate and party with him without a second thought.


But now since the radical liberal left, liberal media and former President Obama (the worst enemy to the black white and brown community that has ever held the office of the President as a result of his immoral destructive laws) labels him unfit and a racist.Many in the black, white,and latino community and celebrities now completely condemn and reject Donald Trump because their leader “Barrack Obama” the radical liberal left and the liberal media does?


They follow former President Obama like the pied piper to the ultimate widespread physical,spiritual and national destruction of this wayward,confused and lost generation …for certain.But he’ll be right with there with them though if he doesn’t change his way of thinking and repent.Before you or any liberal demand that I criticize President Trump apply that same self righteous, hypocritical scrutiny and judgment  to your own lives.As you compare your behavior to what’s outlined in God’s word.


And be honest with yourselves and tell me what you come up with.Prove to me you are spiritually perfect and have committed no sins.Or are truly repentant living in accordance with God’s word fully.Which is expressed by obedience to the commandments and the word of God as a whole in conjunction with faith and good works.And are not  practicing,promoting or supporting abominable,perverted, behavior that God detests.


And then maybe I will post a video or two of the liberal media lambasting and criticizing President Donald Trump because they have that part thoroughly covered.You don’t need me for that.


My advice to the radical liberal left and liberal media/the perverse,corrupt,self righteous hypocritical bullies and judges is to get the Giant Sequoia Tree out of your own eyes first, and then you will see clearly to get the splinter out of your brothers or neighbors eye…Matthew 7:1-5 ..Romans  2:1-3.


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